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In this article, I give you my quick review of the Majotori video game. I remember, when I was younger, it was a Monday night staple to watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with my whole family. We would gather in the living room after dinner and dine with guests and celebrate along. These events cemented a love for game shows and quizzing in me.

An itch that Majotori scratches in a different but pretty amazing way. Dark short stories mixed into a trivia quiz. Certainly, nothing I’ve ever experienced before but it worked surprisingly well.

The first story that made me chuckle was about a guy that wants to escape from reality into a game. And that’s something I can definitely relate to.

He got his wish and ended up in a sort of online situation. Not being able to look out of a full-life MMO which he is actually happy about. To each their own, I guess.

I originally only started up this game because I was in the mood for something relaxed and light-hearted. No heavy plots, big worlds, or a multitude of mechanics. Majotori also doesn’t boast remarkable graphics, which is rather unusual for me because those tend to draw me in.

The art style of this game is as simple as it gets. Blocky shapes and colors and no animations. Instead, you flip through a story as you would do with a picture book.

Sometimes it gets a bit frantic because the text boxes fly in and out a bit too rapidly for my liking. And this book certainly wouldn’t be the most child-friendly.

People going blind, jumping from buildings, or falling into a pit full of spikes while exploring a Maya temple Indiana Jones style.

Sadly, they can’t rely on the unbelievable luck of famous adventurers in steps. They have to rely, well, on you and me. No pressure at all.

How do you save those poor fellows? By proving your general knowledge to a witch called Lariat. What doesn’t sound that interesting or compelling at first is actually a lot of fun. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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