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In this article, I give you my review of the Logitech G915 Mechanical keyboard. The Logitech G Series gaming peripherals are renowned for their exceptionally high quality and constant innovation that enable users to be faster and more efficient.

With the new G915 keyboard, Logitech has moved the boundaries again and made a keyboard that will be interesting not only to gamers but also to users who appreciate comfort and speed.


The Logitech G915 keyboard features a micro-profile design, with a thickness of just 22 mm, but also exceptional durability thanks to premium materials. The aluminum upper surface, and a steel base, which guarantees durability even if you often wear the keyboard for gaming tournaments.

This design is made possible thanks to Logitech’s new GL low profile mechanical switches. They provide a distinctive feel of mechanical buttons, but with a shorter stroke and activation threshold. This gives users a faster response time and therefore faster typing and faster response situations during the game.


There are three switches available: linear with a smooth stroke and no acoustic response, tactile with a tactile response and clicky with a tactile and acoustic response. So, you can choose the version that best suits your habits and needs.

The keys are covered with standard-shaped caps that require no accustoming and are illuminated with individual RGB illumination, whose color and effects can be adjusted using Logitech G Hub software.

LightSync technology

It is light based on LightSync technology. Therefore, its synchronization with other compatible Logitech products is possible, as well as controls based on certain parameters in games and programs, which can contribute to a better gaming experience.

The software also has the option of programming the functions of the five additional G buttons on the left, which can assign the most commonly used functions or macros to speed up your work, make it easier to play, or simply be more efficient.

Additional keys

Above the function keys, there are additional memory keys for profile selection that extend the number of functions available to you under your fingers or control lighting, as well as multimedia control buttons and a gaming key that you can deactivate some of the keys so you do not interfere with gaming.

A specially designed roller will also allow you to easily control the volume at any time.

Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology

What sets this model apart is the Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology, which, thanks to its high connection speed, provides you with cordless connectivity, but without any delay that could affect your gaming performance.
In addition, it is possible to connect via Bluetooth, as well as a USB cable, with the ability to simultaneously connect with multiple devices and easily switch control between them.

In the case of a cable connection, the keyboard will also be charged while playing. And, a completely empty battery will be recharged in just 3 hours.

It is also worth mentioning that the G815, which has the same design and advantages that the G915 has, is also on offer, but it comes with a cable or USB connection.
Both models deliver outstanding gaming performance and a multitude of features that both video and audio programming, design, or processing engineers can take advantage of.

Logitech G915 on the market

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