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The LG L90 is a model that could shake this manufacturer out of the lethargy it sometimes falls into. It is a middle-class model, which comes with a moderate price and performance that should satisfy the widest circle of users. The LG L90 is currently something of the best that LG has to offer in the middle class. The phone comes with the latest Android OS, a large screen, and some options taken from more expensive models.

LG L90 design

This phone will not delight you with its appearance. LG’s goal was to lower the price to an acceptable level, and this was reflected in the design, in addition to some hardware parts. The LG L90 looks classic, without any special design tricks and details that would break the monotony. The device is made of plastic. However, the plastic has a matte finish, so instead of the cheapness that great plastic brings, you can see a bit more style and taste here. The back has a pronounced texture, which prevents slipping, and is practical in every other way.

While it doesn’t have some striking parts, the LG L90 looks solid and everything seems to be in place. Also, the phone is comfortable in the hands. In addition to the standard “appearances” on modern phones, the LG L90 also has an infrared transmitter, which allows you to control other devices via the Q Remote application. The external keys are good, they respond nicely. The only complaint is that the capacitive keys do not light up in the dark (at least we noticed that).

Also, we found a few more flaws in this phone. There is no sensor with lighting and LED light for notifications, so the screen will not adapt to the lighting conditions, and when you receive a message or e-mail, you will not see it through the classic signal lamp. As the LG L90 is not the pride of cheap phones, then such omissions are inadmissible. There is also a mono speaker on the back. Basically, the sound is ok,

Below the surface there is a SIM slot and a microSD slot.

LG L90 screen and interface

With a 4.7-inch IPS screen, you won’t see all those fine details that sometimes make you just fall in love with your phone. The screen has 540 × 960 pixels, which, again having in mind the price, is an omission. If LG had at least put a 720p screen, the situation would have been much more pleasant. I go back to the Moto G again, which costs less and has such a screen. So, a good screen can be built into cheap phones, and we said that the LG L90 is not exactly an example of how a phone can be cheap.

Still, the colors on the screen are clean and strong enough. And the angles at which you can look at it are good. The picture is a bit sharp, but that is a consequence of poorer quality.

The phone runs on the Optimus 3.0 interface, which is nice and practical. Everything seems somehow darker. Also, some of the options that LG has been applying on its models lately have found their place here as well. Some of them are Plug and Pop, which automatically detects that you have turned on the headphones and gives you the choice of which next action you want.

There’s also Smart Screen and Smart Video, which track whether you’re looking at the screen or not. There is also KnockCode, for the security of your phone.

LG L90 performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 is the heart of this phone. It is a processor that already has wide application in similar models, such as the mentioned Moto G, Galaxy Grand 2, and Lumia 630. This processor has four cores and runs at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM. In addition, there is also KitKat Android, which is definitely good. The phone works quite ok. We can’t say that we haven’t noticed any downtime, but nothing unusual for Android phones.

A battery of 2,540mAh is enough for the whole day. If you drive this LG a little sharper, there is also an energy-saving mode, which can help keep the charger from running out before the end of the day.

LG L90 camera

LG has built 8 and 1.3MP cameras into this model. The main camera comes with an LED flash and just enough shooting modes. In principle, the photos are quite, quite decent. Maybe the colors aren’t what they really are, but that’s something smartphones (especially those with an LG name in them) are still learning. Quite unexpectedly, in low light, a lot of noise has accumulated in the photos. The LG L90 has the option to record full HD videos, but we didn’t notice that God knows what.

LG L90 conclusion

The LG L90 is a phone that may be of interest to you if you are looking for a slightly larger screen and a moderate price. LG has made an effort to give the phone some advanced options and an infrared transmitter, but at the same time it has left out some of the most basic options that almost every smartphone has had for years. Its good side is nice to work, but a slightly weaker camera and average design can make it harder for you to get to it.

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