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In this article, I give you my LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Comparison. The LG G3 has recently been on offer. This great phone is almost flawless and certainly the most sought after model at the moment. It is the first phone with a Quad HD screen, which emits a fantastic resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels, but the question is whether and how much the leading LG phone is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5 competitor.

Maybe this Galaxy doesn’t have that kind of picture quality, but there are definitely trump cards in the form of a 16MP camera, water and dust resistance, fingerprint sensors, and a bunch of good software. So, is the LG G3 ready to take the throne? LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 !?

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 design

Both Samsung and LG have tried to give the best models the best design. At the same time, both manufacturers have not escaped the established one when it comes to the design of their phones. The Galaxy S5 is very reminiscent of its predecessors, with a rectangular shape and rounded corners and a perforated background, which is a change from the standard glittery and flat plastic background we are used to seeing on Samsung phones.

However, we can find a complaint in the question of why Samsung did not apply the recipe called imitation leather, which we have on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and some other devices, which gives them a more businesslike and serious character?!

LG also wanted to get rid of smooth plastic, so instead, it offered a brushed surface, which should imitate metal. LG has gone in the direction that HTC went with the One M8, but not completely. Still, the LG G3 seems more advanced in design than its competitor.

The S5 has a standard key layout, while the G3 retained the key placement on the back, which was inherited by the LG G2. While this seems a bit unusual and takes time to get used to, it seems to me that LG is one step ahead of Samsung in this segment as well. This is supported by the fact that LG has a larger screen than the Galaxy S5, but that it is only a few mm larger and that it is completely identically easy to use.

Winner: LG G3.

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 screen

This is not just about competing two models, but also two screen technologies. IPS v. AMOLED. Samsung’s representative in this clash has really strong and beautiful colors. The sharpness of the image and viewing angles are at a very high level, which should not be surprising because it is made of 1080p screen, ie full HD resolution. The Galaxy S5 has 432 pixels per inch.

On the other hand, LG has a larger and slightly better display. At 5.5 inches, this is a real treat for all fans of big screens. The almost unreal resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, with 534 pixels per inch, is significantly higher and better than the competitor, but in reality, those numbers do not make that much of a difference.

The combination of a large and high-quality screen makes the LG G3 an ideal device for watching movies and playing games. The only places where the S5 may surpass the rival are the viewing angles, but only slightly.

Winner: if you’re looking for stronger (better) colors and not an overly bulky screen, then this is the Galaxy S5. Otherwise, all praise goes to the LG G3.

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 performance

During the LG G3 display, we have already said that the difference in performance between these two phones is almost not noticeable, which is understandable if we know that they use the same processors and graphics. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 with 32GB each have 3GB of RAM, which is more than enough for everything you could want.

With these two aces, there is no room for any chopping and downtime. There is simply no such thing with them! If we really had to look for a difference, then we should look for it in user interfaces, where a few milliseconds can be lost or gained due to their complexity and “complexity”.

Winner: Draw.

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 hardware and additional options

Both models are up to the task when it comes to new technologies and options. Samsung is always trying to offer more. This manufacturer is known for its love of research and novelty. The best example of this is a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint sensor.

When I wrote about the Samsung Galaxy S5 display, I pointed out that these two functions do not have a full implementation, ie that they are often not able to do the job properly. Rather, it could be said that the Galaxy S5 dominates the competitor due to the IP67 certificate, which guarantees it resistance to water and dust, which is often the most important thing.

That’s why this phone is stronger than the LG G3, although videos have appeared on the Internet showing how the G3 can withstand quite underwater without damage, this is still unverified information, and don’t try it at home! When it comes to battery life, both are pretty good and last equally long, but the LG G3 should be preferred as it has a larger screen that consumes more power.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S5.

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

We come to slippery terrain, because the effect of the cameras could determine you for one or the other phone. Samsung traditionally has excellent optics on better models, which allows the camera to capture a large number of details and pretty good colors.

However, the S5 has a habit of “failing” when it comes to shooting in the dark. However, with 16MP there can hardly be any major flaws. This Galaxy takes large photos that are subject to later processing and finishing.

The LG G3 brings advanced optics, but primarily a laser autofocus system, which is a novelty. Thanks to this system, the camera tracks objects faster and therefore it takes a lot less time to make good focus, ie quality photography. This is the core of LG’s understanding of a good camera.

All the effort was put into this system, while the camera interface remained quite simple, so all you have to do is press the screen and the camera will focus and take a photo in an hour.

If you’re a fan of “control in your hands”, the Galaxy S5 offers far more options, while the LG G3 relies on Auto mode, which shows how confident LG is when it comes to this camera. Samsung’s phone has too many “saturated” photos and that’s always the case. In low light, the results are roughly the same.

Winner: if you like to explore and choose how the camera works, then the Samsung Galaxy S5 has an advantage, but I would rather give a higher rating to the LG G3 because of the laser autofocus, which currently takes great photos.

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Conclusion

Let’s start with the price. At this moment (July 18, 2014), the LG G3 costs several tens of euros more. So, nothing terrible, which is a consequence of the fact that this phone is newer and nothing more. We can say to calm souls that they cost the same, that is, that they are equally expensive. Now, who is better? Ugh… It’s hard to say.

The LG G3 is newer and brings some benefits that the Galaxy S5 would have brought if it had been younger by any chance. The LG G3 has a bigger and sore screen but forgot to protect it from water and dust. Their software experiences are also in the balance because both phones have good and practical, but also those unnecessary details. LG may have a better camera for a hair, but what is perhaps most important still looks better than the Galaxy S5.

And while Samsung is good by default, LG has taken a big step forward. Now both South Korean manufacturers can boast of the best phones in the world. Which to choose?

Try to think like this: do I really need a 5.5-inch screen, did Samsung’s plastic have to be found here as well, do I really want to try out how laser autofocus works, and finally do you want to have the latest or that less new phone !?

PS. Whichever you choose you will not go wrong. That’s for sure!

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