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“The LG G3 has an insufficiently large screen.” I’ve never heard him say something like that before, but it’s as if there was someone who whispered in LG’s engineers that the great G3 should grow a little more. This is how the LG G3 Screen was created – an enlarged and significantly cheaper version of the world-successful bestseller. The LG G3 Screen is a 5.9-inch smartphone that is the first model to be powered by a factory processor.

The LG G3 Screen runs on new LG processors

The LG G3 Screen will work on a combination of two processors with the LG label, one of which will run at 1.5GHz and will have four cores, while the other, for less demanding operations, will also have a quad-core construction at 1.2GHz.

The LG G3 Screen has a 1080p screen and a plastic body

The LG G3 Screen is an attempt by a South Korean company to offer the market an exclusive, but at the same time cheap phone, intended for those who are looking for more for their money. The LG G3 Screen, which is almost half an inch larger than the base model, in addition to saving on the processor, also brings a 1080p HD screen instead of the deadly Quad HD that has the “classic” G3.

Also, the device is made entirely of plastic, which further contributed to cheaper production, which led to the LG G3 Screen selling in Korea for an incredible $ 100 (for now, it is not certain whether it is on sale or through a package at the operator).

LG G3 Screen vs LG G3

The LG G3 Screen has kept the good stuff from the base model, so there are still 13 and 2.1MP cameras with laser autofocus, as well as 32GB of internal and 2GB of RAM, as well as a MicroSD slot for even more space. The generous 3,000mAh battery promises at least two days of average use on a single charge.

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