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A very simple, but seemingly unrepresented device that has greatly contributed to increased security in residential buildings is the intercom. The only way for all owners to network and decide independently who will enter the building and who will not get that opportunity.

As technology has changed a lot in recent years, so the intercom has advanced to such an extent that it is possible to access it through the application while you are not at home. However, what does this mean for modern man? Has intercom become the standard that all buildings should respect, or are buildings with intercom better because of that?

What are the benefits of intercoms in a building?

Today, the intercom has become an unavoidable communication system and serves for detailed control of access to your home, apartment building, or business premises.

As the modern age progresses, the shift of society has brought the possibility of big earnings, and with them came the negative characteristics of individuals. One of them is that we are forced to live in a time when there are all sorts of frauds, illegalities, and burglaries.

The good side of the whole story is that the tools that help us protect ourselves from that have also progressed. The advantages of such a tool are numerous, so let’s deal with them.

Increases tenant safety

Small and simple apartments must have the same protection against burglars as large and rich apartments and their owners. Security is the main feature that modern society (state) and technology must guarantee to everyone.

The intercom is a vital factor that prevents (or allows) a malicious visitor from entering the building, and then some of the apartments, whether you are outside the house or in the apartment. Even the reception at a hotel cannot be a sufficient security filter in these cases.

Provides mezzanine security

Intercoms do not always have to be at the front door of the building. They can also be used (and are used) as devices that are installed in floors or some other walls inside the residential building. Internal intercoms are a great way to prevent a potential thief attack from accessing anything but the ground floor.

Possibility of constant supervision

Workers who leave the apartment empty during working hours are in a particularly vulnerable position when it comes to potential robberies and intrusions. In these cases, the installation of video intercoms is especially popular, which also has the function of monitoring the condition of the apartment while we are not present.

Additional benefits of intercom in the building

A safe building is a very attractive destination for potential business owners or renters. A comprehensive intercom system contributes significantly to this. In that case, the owners do not have to worry about the movement and safety of their family or employees.

Also, firms and companies that have professionally installed and connected intercoms or a building entry system can be better profiled and profit more from work because their clients feel safe when they decide to trust them.

What does the intercom in the building consist of and how does it work?

The intercom allows you to let someone in or out of a building, house, or yard. Therefore, it is more difficult to get to a private space and someone who intends to, say, rob an apartment – the intercom will make his job more difficult because he will have to pass another “ramp” in a row.

The intercom on buildings actually consists of two cardinal communication ends. A conductor that connects all the apartments to the station and an electronic lock that unlocks the door according to your wishes, ie command.

Additional parts that give “life” to the intercom

Also, intercoms, like all other electronic devices, must have a voltage part, which will enable the power supply of the device in the system. Modern intercoms can also contain a camera on the outside, and a screen on the inside of the apartment – so we can see who is ringing.

These are so-called video intercoms. Those who remain deprived of this option (usually those older models) fall under the category of audio intercoms. Intercoms can come with or without a handset.

The part of the user interface located outside has a certain number of buttons with which a person can ring a bell in a certain apartment. Then, on the outer panel, there is a microphone and a speaker that is used for communication with the tenants.

With some systems, it is also possible to divert calls to a mobile phone, which can be very useful in case you are not at home and someone is looking for you.

The intercom is best installed during the construction of the building

Although it is possible to subsequently implement the intercom in a residential building, it is recommended that the intercom be an investment that will characterize the building that is still under construction, so that an electronic lock can be mounted on the front door later.

When it comes to the subsequent installation of an intercom in a building, the situation is a bit more complicated because first all or most of the tenants have to agree (which is not so easy). When that part is finished, the realization and adaptation of the apartments will follow. Depending on the type of building and its age, an assessment is made of how to best install the devices and route the cables.

It is best when the intercom cables can be routed with existing installations. Then it is necessary to install the outdoor unit and the indoor unit in each apartment separately. After the whole installation process, it is necessary to test the system.

How to choose the right intercom?

Choosing an adequate intercom is much more than just the security of the apartment, although it is the most important thing to protect. On that occasion, you should pay attention to its characteristics, such as:

The function of the appliance and the range of cables for connecting your and the external board.
The design of the device itself, because the intercom will complement your interior for many years to come.
Accessibility of a place from which we will easily operate the intercom.
Intercom memory – a very practical and useful feature of modern intercoms that records the character and time of contact. It can significantly contribute to a police investigation.

A hands-free video intercom with and without a headset

Video intercoms are produced in the version without a headset, the so-called “Hands-free” or in the version with a classic handset that you hold in your hand during communication with the visitor. The choice of the appropriate variant depends on the specific location of the video intercom.

For example, video intercoms with a classic headset are most often used in places where there is a presumption that loud communication would disturb a sleeping person.

Did you know that there was an intercom in Serbia more than two centuries ago? Yes, it was invented by an old telegraph operator from Kragujevac, and it was a system with a bell on the gate, so it can be freely considered the forerunner of today’s intercom.

New times, new ones, and flags – it is only important to protect us from attacks in time, so the modern use of intercoms should have long ago ceased to be the choice of contractor or building owner and turned into a real need for adequate protection of man and his property. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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