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HTC J Z321E is an interesting model that would briefly be described as a phone with an HD AMOLED display of 4.3 inches, a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 8MP camera and it is basically the model that quite resembles the HTC One S.

This model also boasts a certain degree of water protection, an elegant finish, and a stronger battery, which seems to be enough reason for users around the world to private, but let’s take a closer look.


The HTC J Z321e is a likable phone with proportional dimensions that make it convenient to use with one hand, sturdy and compact (which befits a waterproof device), but it is also elegant. In its homeland (Asia), due to the higher standards required to obtain a waterproof “label”, this model is not so presented, but in fact, it is.

This is confirmed by the protective covers on the input for the 3.5 mm Jack and on the USB charging port, which fit comfortably into the phone, but is a little harder to remove. The phone itself is made of plastic.

We can freely say that it is made of very beautiful and high-quality plastic, but it is still “only” plastic. The weight of this model is 137 grams, and HTC has placed 3 touch-sensitive buttons in the bottom of the device below the display, which leaves more useful space for the functionality of the display itself.


When it comes to the display, we are talking about a 4.3 inch HD OLED display with qHD 540 × 960 pixels with an excellent 226ppi pixel density which gives fantastic display sharpness. The Oled platform of the display “pulls” a slight hint of bluish color instead of crystal clear white, but in return, a deeper black color is obtained.

Viewing angles are good, colors are vivid and not “washed out” even when the phone is viewed from a sharp angle, and a clear view of the display is not impossible even in direct bright sunlight. When we summarize the performance of the display, the conclusion is that the display of this model is of above-average quality.


HTC J Z321e works with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and HTC Sense 4.1 user interface which makes the phone work very smooth and even. Sense UI is so to speak “matured” in version 4.1 and brings many improvements in some operating parts of the phone such as the camera.

This user interface brings the ability to customize the phone to its user with a variety of themes, quick access to apps from the home screen, and a multitude of widgets as well as HTC’s weather forecast.

Processor and memory

The engine launcher of the HTC J Z321e is a powerful 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor with support for Adreno 225 graphics and 1GB of RAM. The S4 chip is manufactured with 28nm technology, which popularly means greater battery efficiency, and significantly less overheating of the phone than is the case with Tegra 3 devices.

This setting has earned high results on all Android tests, and this in practical application means high performance in all fields of phone use, even in games. The device comes with 16GB of memory, of which about 10GB is available to the user, which is a fair amount of memory, but more memory-intensive users can expand the memory as this model has the option to expand the memory with a Micro SD card up to 32GB.

Internet and connections

You can surf the Internet with the HTC J Z321e with the factory Sense browser that supports Adobe Flash and the device automatically adjusts the content of the loaded page to the size of the display. Loading, scrolling, and zoom-in – zoom-out are fast and without splitting.

What irritates almost every mobile user is the ads, and this model has a loading mode that filters ads and images leaving only text. Of course, this model gives you the ability to download any browser from Google Play which is more than a positive thing.

In terms of connection types, this model has support for quad-band GSM, HSPA at 2100 MHz, and CDMA plus WiMAX in Asia. In addition to these types, this model supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and A-GPS, which are now a standard part of any device.


The camera is one of the trump cards of the HTC J Z321e. it is equipped with an 8MP camera with LED flash. This model contains a dedicated chip dedicated to accelerating everything that has to do with the camera. The HTC J Z321e takes less than a second from activating the camera app to taking a picture, which is fascinating.

The Sense user interface brings us a multitude of options for photography lovers. The phone, ie the camera, has an HDR shooting mode that provides the best dynamic range with contrasting objects (and with phenomenal results), as well as “burst” shooting that captures as many as 99 consecutive current images when you hold the camera shutter.

All in all, Sense is a great interface when it comes to cameras and image galleries. Optimized to work flawlessly smoothly, in the factory default you get the basic options for editing images and effects (AKA filters) with the help of which you do not need to deal with Instagram and similar applications because you already have everything at hand.

The image quality itself is excellent, the images are rich in detail with a good color balance. The videos that these model records are 1080p with 30fps, which is solid quality. An interesting feature is that during the video while the autofocus is working, it is active and manual, which means that during the shooting you can focus on a certain detail “on the go”, and this is an option that can not boast a lot of mobile phones.

During the video, you are able to take snapshots from the video itself. Another performance of this model that we really like is slow motion (slow motion) shooting. The quality of this shot is far from perfect but the very idea of ​​a slow-motion shot of some joke with a friend or an exciting moment is great. This kind of image opens up a completely different dimension, revealing a multitude of details that are impossible to see in an ordinary image.

Sound and battery quality

A phone in this class must have impeccable sound quality. This model definitely has it. During the call, we heard our interlocutors clearly and loudly with the natural color of the voice without rustling noise and similar interference.

This model is equipped with an excellent 1810MAh battery that, with heavy use, switches all day and goes into another. These are great results when you consider that many devices would not last a single day with “fair” use.

The battery of this model is larger than its cousin One S, so the phone itself is thicker, but the knowledge that the battery does not leave you stranded is certainly a big plus.


The HTC J Z321e is a 3G phone that has a lot of positive sides when it comes to performance. First of all, water resistance, the harmony of the device allows its use with one hand, the device itself is extremely fast, the camera software is fantastic.

On the other hand, the plastic case will probably not delight anyone who picks up the device. If you are “looking” for a look, the HTC One S is probably a better choice, but if you are looking for the performance and completeness of the device itself, then the HTC J is worth every dollar and will certainly not disappoint you. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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