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The HTC Desire C is not a phone that belongs to the undisputed HTC One series that glows and ignites the smartphone market. It is an “average” smartphone, which bases its desired sales on price, which is its main trump card, although when you look at what it offers, it does not have to be completely true.

HTC Desire C is a phone that may represent a successor to the HTC Wildfire S, but which should make a greater success than the mentioned model. HTC has decided to make a moderate, harmonious device that will satisfy the majority of smartphone users, who do not rush to meet the best from this group, whose prices are often twice as high as the one that HTC Desire C has.

HTC Desire C – harmonious and minimalist style

HTC Desire C is a phone with a minimalist design. Everything is somehow in place, no part of the phone sticks out, as if HTC wanted to make a classic model, which could appeal to the widest circle of potential users. HTC Desire C is made in three colors black, white and red (the first two are in our offer), so this phone offers to choose a color to begin with, which is commendable, as well as the fact that both versions cost the same (which often not the case).

HTC Desire C in line with the design offers only the most necessary inputs (micro USB). On the background of the phone, there is a 5-megapixel camera, a speaker. The side is reserved for the volume key, and the bottom is standard for the microphone. The top of the phone is also standard when it comes to inputs and keys because it has a power button and an audio jack.

HTC Desire C has a modest 320 × 480 pixel screen

The screen that HTC Desire C has is in line with the price positioning of this model. It was an S-LCD display with a modest resolution of 320 × 480 pixels, so you shouldn’t expect any multimedia miracles from it, but it is certain that it will do quite solidly what it is given. The display still needs to be said to reproduce the usual 16 million colors, to react to multiple simultaneous touches and has an ambient light detector. When working with this phone, users have access to the HTC Sense interface, version 4.0, which is more than welcome. A screen size of 3.5 inches can be considered acceptable for a phone like this, so the screen can very well get a passing grade.

HTC Desire C – solid battery, good internal and expandable memory

Under the cover, which by the way looks nice with large HTC and beats audio inscriptions (the phone comes with the mentioned headphones), there is a red interior, which houses a MicroSD slot and a battery with a capacity of 1,230 mAh. HTC Desire C has a good internal memory of 4GB, which is another plus for this phone, and the user can expand it with a card up to 32 GB.

HTC Desire C runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS with Sense 4.0 interface

HTC Desire C is working on the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, which is a little surprise, but certainly pleasant, and it puts a plus on the list for and against HTC Desire C. Some more plus can be added when it is known that HTC Desire C has all the connections available, so its future users will not have any problems with that.

When everything is added and subtracted, this phone of only 100 grams is a new and interesting name from a Taiwanese company. HTC Desire C is a phone that for a decent price offers quite enough options that are quite, quite sufficient for most needs of a moderate user. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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