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In this article, I give you my HTC Desire 616 Dual Sim review with specs included. HTC is already quite experienced when it comes to producing dual SIM phones. Initially, the company focused on making dual SIM versions of more expensive models, but the Taiwanese soon realized that it was much more cost-effective to work with middle and lower class models.

With the Desire 616, HTC is making a breakthrough. For a significantly lower price of $300, this phone is offered in addition to two SIM slots and an octa-core processor, as well as a very good screen. In a competitive sense, the Desire 616 is a rival to the dual SIM version of the Lumia 630. So, does this likable HTC have to offer something more than the average dual SIM phone in 2014, or is it somewhere around the average? Let’s look together.

HTC Desire 616 design

When we get acquainted with a new phone, we often have the habit of comparing it with some of the best models. In this case, we needed to compare it, at least for a short time, with the leading One M8. However, at first glance, it is clear that there are not many points of contact between them, except in name and form.

Unlike its aluminum cousin, the Desire 616 is made entirely of plastic. The plastic is more typical for Samsung than for HTC because it is smooth and shiny. That’s why it’s a real fingerprint magnet, which makes this phone unnecessarily cheaper than it really is. For consolation, matte plastic surrounds all four sides of the phone, but as most other phones have metal, it is clear that the designers of HTC did not achieve a more noticeable result with this move.

The background can be opened, giving you access to the 2000mAh battery, microSD slot, and the mentioned slots for two SIM cards. On the side, there is a volume button, as well as the main one for turning on and off, and I can freely say that they are very well made.

HTC Desire 616 screen

The five-inch 720p screen is here. As this phone is constantly being compared to the Lumia 630, let me immediately dispel any doubts and say that the screen is better than someone on a phone with the Nokia logo. First of all, HTC has a larger and more pixel-populated screen. Also, this screen is able to provide really great contrast and brightness level with quite strong colors and viewing angles that are at the level of more expensive models.

The screen is everything that design is not. It provides an atmosphere for a class higher, and its resolution of 720×1280 pixels is enough for pleasant work. The phone also has an ambient light sensor, so the brightness is automatically adjusted, which the Lumia 630 can only dream of.

HTC Desire 616 specification and performance

The Desire 616 is HTC’s first phone with an octa-core processor, running at 1.4GHz and using 1GB of RAM. It’s not a predisposition for an ultimate experience, but HTC Desire 616 works without downtime in most cases, when most users use standard applications, but some hiccups can be noticed when you start to open more demanding applications and start surfing the net.

If you want an answer as to whether this phone is good enough for you if you are an average user, the answer is definitely yes. If you’re gaming-minded, you should know that the HTC Desire 616 uses a Mediatek chipset, which isn’t exactly the best choice when playing games, so the experience with this type of entertainment can’t be compared to those running on Snapdragon processors, such as the affordable Moto G .

When it comes to a newer generation HTC, slightly more experienced connoisseurs of this phone brand will first look for BoomSound speakers. However, here instead of them, the classic mono speaker has taken its place, which provides a much quieter sound compared to a more advanced rival.

Battery life is something that the HTC Desire 616 handles well. Quite easily, this phone allows you to work at a moderate pace, not to him, as well as to watch a video for several hours, which is somewhere around average. HTC Desire 616 also has a special mode designed to save battery.

Interestingly, the Desire 616 doesn’t work on the distinctive HTC Sense user interface, but on something reminiscent of Sense. Still, the HTC Desire 616 runs on a 4.2.2 version of the Android OS and HTC Sense 5.5 interface. Without the classic Sense, the HTC Desire 616 is working on something close to the original Android, but again with enough elements to recognize which manufacturer it is.

Still, there are some similarities with the Nexus. The interface has been reviewed, but those recognizable HTC options are still missing. Interestingly, the phone does not have an LED notification light, so from time to time, you may not even notice that you have a missed call or message.

HTC Desire 616 camera

If the HTC Desire 616 is better than the Lumia 630 in terms of screen, and slightly worse in terms of gaming compared to the Moto G, then HTC’s dual SIM representative is a much better photographer than the other two phones. Thanks to the 8MP camera, the HTC Desire 616 is able to take photos with quite a lot of detail, which is a pleasant surprise considering the price of this model.

The camera activates quickly, focuses on the subject, and finally takes a photo. Of course, the camera is not perfect, so you can notice a few post-processing photos, so some parts remain a bit blurry, but not enough to spoil the overall positive effect on the work of HTC Desire 616 in the field of photography.

HTC Desire 616 also has a 2MP front camera, however, the excess pixels do not contribute to the removal of gray and washes, which make the photos taken with it abundant.

HTC Desire 616 conclusion

HTC Desire 616 is a phone located at a crossroads. Its primary purpose is to offer an Android experience with two SIM cards at an affordable price. Globally, he achieved that, but there is an unusual taste in his mouth that reminds us that there is still inexplicably the classic Sense interface, LED notification lights, but also a nice matte plastic, which has been replaced by Samsung’s shiny surface of the same material.

If you have planned to spend less than $300 on a new phone, then the HTC Desire 616 is of course an option. This phone has a pretty good screen and a good camera. Ok, it may not be the fastest phone in its class, but it still has an octa-core processor, even though it’s not a Qualcomm brand. Basically, the HTC Desire 616 offers everything you need, but you have to come to terms with the fact that the software seems to have come from some Chinese Android, and not from HTC, which takes a lot of care of it. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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