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The HTC Butterfly family has got a new member. The HTC Butterfly S proudly debuted. What does this model bring in the flood wave of novelties? At first glance, the new member of the first team does not differ significantly from the other team members.

Compared to the Droid DNA model, which appeared sometime last year, the new HTC Butterfly S looks like a twin brother. Hand on heart, it’s hard to expect models from the same manufacturer to differ drastically. This is not a practice, although some change would not be bad in any case.

The HTC Butterfly S is reminiscent of other members of the Butterfly family. HTC Butterfly S is looking for its place under the sun on another basis. It does not play on originality in the visual sense, nor is it positioned on the basis of the largest screen, for example (although a 5-inch Super LCD 3 display with 1080p image quality is not very common), but its performance and what it hides under a harmonious surface make that this model can be hoped for commercial success.

HTC Butterfly S specification

So what does the HTC Butterfly S offer? HTC Butterfly S offers the following: 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 with four cores, the main camera in UltraPixel technology and 2.1 MP “heavy” front camera, then 16 GB of internal memory with the option of microSD expansion, 2 GB of RAM, the new HTC Sense 5, HSPA + connection, choice in gray, red and white and an omnipotent 3,200 mAh battery, which is why this smartphone will surely enter the subconscious of potential customers.

The HTC Butterfly S is the true successor to the HTC One. The HTC Butterfly S has taken some options from HTC’s flagship One model, allowing it to impose itself as one of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s flagship models. The mentioned battery allows this phone not only to compete with HTC One but also to surpass it, as well as with the original Butterfly model.

HTC Butterfly S presentation and price

The HTC Butterfly S is expected to first appear in Taiwan, sometime in the middle of next month, with a price tag of a premium device. For now, there are no concrete indications of whether and when the HTC Butterfly S could appear in other parts of the world, but Japan and the USA are mentioned as already seen destinations of this phone. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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