How to Stop Global Warming (Creative Solution)

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In this article, I give you my creative solution on how to stop global warming. Before we dive in, please note that this is just a concept that I have and not a real solution (most likely).

The Idea

As I was waiting at a bus station on one sunny day, I saw smoke coming out of a chimney from a barbecue place. It was a dark smoke covering the sun rays coming my way. As I was looking at the smoke, this idea came up to me.

How about we just make a cloud of smoke between the Earth and the Sun and we block some sunrays from reaching our planet. The smoke can be made from a relatively small amount of solid supstance and it could strech as much as we want.

This idea, in my mind, has potential as I witnessed in real life how the Sun was actually blocked so efficiently that I could see straight into the smoke that was in the direct path of sunrays reaching my eyesight.

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