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In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the game Squint and learn how to play. The object of the game is to earn the most scoring chips.


Spread out the shape cards face up on the table so all cards can be seen. Place all the components on the table. Pick a side of the cards in the tray to use and face it towards the front of the tray.

Choose a player to be the first builder. If you’re new to the game it is recommended that you practice building a few pictures before the game.

On your turn, you roll the die and draw the back card from the tray. Based on the number rolled, you must silently read the word by the corresponding number on the card and place it in front of the card tray without another player seeing it.

30 seconds

Flip the timer. You have 30 seconds to take shape cards and combine them together so a player can guess what you’re building. Other than saying yes, no, hot/cold, you may not talk. But you may tell players which direction your building is facing.

Guess the build

You may also animate your building by moving cards to help players guess and you may use the backs of cards for blanks if needed. When animating your building, all the shaped cards must maintain some contact with the table at all times. The builder may point to areas of the building to help the guessers.

Players get infinite guesses to figure out what you’re building. The builder and the first player to guess correctly each receive the same number of scoring chips as the number rolled selected on the card.


Then, the next player clockwise – the Builder becomes the new builder. If no one guesses correctly when the timer runs out then no one receives chips and the next player takes their turn.

Once every player has had one turn as the builder this is called round. With three or four players the game ends after four rounds. With five or six players and after three rounds. Lastly, with seven or eight and after two rounds.

The player with the most chips at the end of the game wins. If there is a tie then the tied players face off and guessing a picture from a builder who is next in turn but is not one of the tied players.

Squint game variations

Some variations of the game include:

Squint light – don’t use the timer and select whichever item on the card you want.

Squint challenge – don’t roll the die but always use level three words.

Progressive squint – don’t use the die. The Builder starts with level one on the card and once it’s guessed moves to level two and so on until the timer runs out. Scoring is done when the timer runs out and points are awarded for each item identified.

Squint dare – shape cards are all facedown on the table. The Builder randomly picks five to seven of them. After looking at the shapes the builder writes down what he’s building and has the time limit to accomplish it. Players receive three points if the identified picture comes from using only five cards. Two-point for using six cards and one point for using seven cards.

There is a version of this game for minors – Squint Junior.

Squint game on the market

There are several variations of the game Squint (as mentioned above) and I found a few of them on the market. I included the link to one variation that I referred in this post.

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