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In this article, I will introduce you to the basic rules of the card game Solitaire (aka Klondike) and show you how to play. The Solitaire game rules are below. The object of the game is to play all the cards to their sequential matching piles up top.


Shuffle a standard deck of playing cards without Jokers. Going from left to right deal one card face up, then six cards face down into single piles.

Starting again from left to right deal one card face-up on the second pile. Deal one card face down on the top of the rest.

Repeat this process always starting from the leftmost face down pile until you fill all the piles systematically with a face of card on top. Set the remainder of the deck face down.

Legal Moves

You may do any legal move in any order at any time. Any number of times cards may be played on top of each other overlapping downward in descending order alternating between red and black. You can start a column with either red or black. King is high and ace is low.

You may move face-up cards across piles any number of times. And, you may move chains of sequentially descending color alternating cards to new columns any number of times. You may not move a single card from or into the middle of a pile. Also, you may not put a higher card at the top of a pile.

Any time you have a facedown card on the table from one of your starting seven piles flip it face up onto its pile. If ever a pile becomes empty a king is the only card that may be placed into an empty space. Aces are the only cards that can be played up top above your starting seven piles.

You may play cards of matching suits on top of spirals in a single pile of ascending sequential order ace, two, three, four, all the way up to King. You can reveal new cards three at a time from the top of the remainder of the deck.

Discard the three into a single pile with the top three cards fanned out to see only the top card of this pile may be played on to other piles but cards may not be added to the deck or discard. When the deck runs out of cards flip it over but do not shuffle and go through it again.

Vegas Rules

If you are playing with Vegas rules you may only go through the deck a total of three times before the cards are permanently left in the discard. Otherwise, you may go through the deck as many times as you like.

If you get stuck and can’t advance any farther the game is over. Each card in the ace piles is worth five points. If you play every card on top of the ACE piles then you win. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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