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In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the game Run Wild and learn how to play. The object of the game is to have the fewest points after four rounds.


The object of each round is to be the first person to play all their cards. Choose a dealer. Shuffle the deck and deal all the cards to each player who stacks them facedown in front of themselves as a personal draw pile. Each player then draws eight cards from their deck. The dealer says ‘go’. There are no turns. Each player may do any of the following actions whenever they like as often as they like so long as they take them one at a time.


Play a set or run. Players can lay down a minimum of three cards to either form a set, all cards of the same number, or a run, sequential numbers of the same color. Wild cards may be used as any number and color. You may add a card from your hand to a set or run so long as it fits the requirements of that set-or-run.

You may replace a wild in a set or run with the correct card from your hand. Or, you may pick up a card from a run or set and put it in your hand so long as it doesn’t leave it with less than three cards or mess up the sequential order of a run. You cannot remove a four or five from a three, four, five, six-run, but you could remove the three or six. You may draw a card from your draw deck. Also, you may play a draw three-card next to your draw deck face up and say out loud ‘draw three’. Then, every other player must stop what they’re doing and immediately draw three cards.

Winning The Game

If a player’s deck has less than three cards left they draw as many as they have. If this is the last card in your hand and you play it ending the round, then your opponents do not draw three cards. Players continue to draw and play cards until someone has played all the cards in their personal draw deck. Then the round ends and you mark scores on a score pad.

Players receive points for the cards they have in their hands, not their draw deck. You receive five points for every numbered card and ten points for every wild and draw three-card. The role of the dealer rotates clockwise by one. At the end of four rounds, the player with the lowest score wins.

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