Mancala Game Rules and How to Play Guide

In this article, I will introduce you to the basic rules of game Mancala and show you how to play. There are many variations to this game. These are the rules for the classic to rank Mancala. The object of the game is to capture the most stones.

Setup and Gameplay Guide

Layout the board horizontally between two players and place four stones into each of the 12 small pockets. The board is divided into two rows of six pockets each. Each player controls the six pockets on the side closest to them. The two larger pockets are called Mon Calas. Each player owns the Mancala to the right of their row.

Pick a player to go first. On your turn, pick all the stones in any one of your pockets on your side of the board moving counterclockwise from the pocket picked.

Deposit one of the stones in each pocket you pass until the stones run out. If you run into your own Mancala deposit one stone in it. If you run into your opponent’s Mancala skip it. Also, if the last piece you drop is in your own Mancala take another turn immediately.

Lastly, if the last piece you drop is in an empty pocket on your side of the board you capture that piece and any piece in the hole directly opposite it. Always place all captured pieces in your Mancala.

The game ends when all six spaces on one side of the board are empty. The player, who still has pieces on his side of the board when the game ends, captures all those pieces and puts them into their Mancala. Count all the pieces in each Mancala. The player with the most pieces wins.

Mancala Game on the Market

The board game Mancala is on the market in many versions. The one that I refer to in this article I link to here:

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