How to play Clans?

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In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the game Clans and learn how to play. Set out the board. There are 12 regions on the board marked by bordering rivers. Randomly placed five huts one of each color on each of the five territories within each region.


Place a village chip on each space in the epic chart. Shuffle the hut tiles and give one to each player. Players look at their tile but keep it hidden from their opponents. If you’re playing with less than five players, discard any extra tiles face down to the box. Place the five colors scoring discs behind the starting line of the scoring track. Randomly pick a player to go first. Play continues clockwise.

In your turn, you move one territory of huts into another territory containing huts. You may not move huts into an empty territory and all huts from a territory must move together. You may not move a territory with seven or more huts. When a territory with huts is completely surrounded by empty territories and/or lakes, in that territory a village is founded. Whoever founded the village, takes one village token.

Gain Points

Whenever a village is founded points are scored. First, you check the epics to see which land type is favorable and which is unfavorable. Whichever village token is taken you match that to the epic you are in. If the land type is unfavorable then the village is destroyed and all the huts in that village are removed from the game and no points are scored. If the land type is found favorable or neutral, that is it is neither favorable nor unfavorable, then points can be scored. Also, If all five colors of huts are found in a village, all the single huts of color are removed from play.

Each Hut remaining in a village scores one point. If the land is unfavorable terrain then you add bonus points as indicated by the epic. All colors that have huts in the founded village move up the same amount of points according to the value of the village. The fifth epic considers all land types favorable so the last village formed always receives five bonus points.

Once the twelve village tokens have been taken and points have been scored, the game ends. In the rare case that you haven’t reached the twelfth village and there are no more legal moves than the game ends. Players reveal their colored huts and for each village token they have, they move their color up one point. The player with the most points wins. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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