How to Choose Good Wheelchairs [Guide]

We know very well that the life of people with disabilities is difficult due to the impossibility of using certain parts of the body, and that all aids are extremely important for them. The most important subject in their lives are wheelchairs, with which they have the opportunity to actively participate in social life, work and spend time anywhere.

Depending on the degree of disability, ie the inability to move parts of the body, wheelchairs are also chosen to help them move. The stroller can be moved with the hands, foot, voice, breath or fingers.

The importance of wheelchairs for a better quality of life

When a person is unable to walk or use any part of his body due to his health condition, he must manage in some other way, if he wants to continue moving. Even though he is disabled, that does not mean that he cannot work, spend time in nature, shopping, go to school or simply enjoy the things he loves outside the armchair.

Wheelchairs are the most important aids for people with disabilities, and appropriate wheelchairs can make their lives much easier. The most used wheelchairs are manual and electric wheelchairs and are available on the market. If you do not know who to contact and where to look for a quality wheelchair, know that the affordable wheelchair offers Elixir.

Manual wheelchair – for strong hands and active life

Manual wheelchairs are chosen by those who can and still want to actively use their hands. You don’t have to be strong before you buy them, because you will quickly strengthen the muscles of your arms and upper body with the help of this type of aid. These wheelchairs are also used during the recovery of patients who are cared for at home, after arriving from the hospital.

Many doctors recommend this stroller to keep you active even though you can’t use your legs. As a result, your life will be longer and better, and you will feel better. If you master these wheelchairs, there are many sports you can do, such as table tennis, archery, basketball, wheelchair racing and many others.

There are three basic types of manual wheelchairs:

  • ultra light stroller
  • easy folding stroller
  • ordinary wheelchair

Ultra varnishes are ideal for young people, who have less hand mobility, due to the use of accessories such as a unicycle (hanabike). Lightweight folding strollers are light and easy to fold, and take up less space during transport. Ordinary wheelchairs are heavy and are used temporarily, after surgery and during the care of recovering people.

Electric wheelchair – for faster and easier movement

Wheelchairs for people who do not have the strength to manually push a manual wheelchair or the degree of disability is such that these aids will be the only one that is adequate, opt for a light electric motor wheelchair. The good thing is that you will not have to ask for help when moving, but you have the freedom to go anywhere alone.

Electric or electric wheelchairs are great for longer routes and uneven surfaces. Their disadvantage is that they can only cross obstacles in the range of five to ten centimeters. These tools seem simple, but it takes time to learn how to manage them. The good thing is that many manufacturers offer a variety of aids that go with this stroller , which can significantly improve your life.

You can choose indoor (portable) strollers, outdoor or combined strollers. The interiors are mostly used on smooth surfaces, they can be folded and do not take up much space in the car.

Outdoor strollers have a larger wheel, and successfully overcome uneven surfaces, while they are a combined combination of the best of both types and represent an excellent balance of all functions.

What else is useful to know when buying a wheelchair?

It is not bad to know before buying that there are rigid wheelchairs, in which the wheels are removed and the backrest folds onto the seat. Rigid wheelchairs are mostly used in sports activities. Folding trolleys are great for the city, because they adapt perfectly to bumps and sudden turns. They can be folded and take up minimal space during transport.

Because there are not adequate wheelchair accesses everywhere in the city, wheelchair ramps, of different sizes, materials, widths and lengths, depending on which wheelchair you have. The wheelchair ramp will also help you with public transport, on the stairs, as well as with the raised entrances to the building.

If you have enough funds for a slightly more expensive, but quality wheelchair, you can get a scooter for the disabled, which is great for all surfaces and weather conditions, and is most often used by those who have poor mobility of the arms and upper body.

Think carefully before you decide to buy a wheelchair, and in accordance with your capabilities, needs and desires, make the right choice. Dry and advise your doctors. With their suggestions and wise shopping, you can find a way to ease the situation for yourself and continue to enjoy life. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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