How are New Technologies Changing the Way We Travel

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From time immemorial, people have been trying to increase the efficiency of a process or action. And even travel. For this reason, we have airplanes, Über, AirBnB, but also many other services and inventions that change the way we travel.


100 years ago, in order for your relatives to know that you were in the Bahamas, all you had to do was send them a postcard with a couple of (not necessarily) nice words in it. Today, you need to post some content on your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Twitter,… you already understand the point, as proof that you were actually there. Tinder gives another (or more, if you are really capable) reason for shorter routes. Pokemon GO pulls you out of the house and walks around.

pokemon go

All those apps and social networks pull you to do exactly what you avoid. To meet and socialize with people. To explore. Even if it’s because of a Tinder match or an unknown Pokemon nearby.

We have underwater cameras, flying drones for private use, selfie sticks, and a small million ways to share our experiences with the world. Like our ancestors, we don’t have to rent space in newspapers to inform the masses about our plan to travel around the world in 80 days, or look for a middle-aged, tall, black-haired partner with a tolerance for nonsense who is ready for something more serious in his life.

drone photography

Happiness, and the opportunity to share it with others, has become more realistic than ever. Apart from the occasional outbreak of Ebola or some similar (relatively fictional) virus, we are more or less safe, healthy, and enabled to safely visit parts of the world that our parents, or their parents, have not had the opportunity to visit.

safari africa

What is happiness if you have no one to share it with? Or worse, how? Well, inventions like these have made it possible, by making interesting content like scuba diving with dolphins or views of Cappadocia and the surrounding flying balloons from the air, to not only have what, but how and with whom to share.

hot air ballooning cappadocia

Now, easier than ever, you can end up in a diametrically opposite part of the planet in a short time, see things you could not even imagine exist, and most importantly, share your experiences with others.

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