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In this article, I give you my quick review of the Fe video game. Sweet dreams are made of cheese or something like that. In the world of science fantasy games, Fe certainly doesn’t look like an assortment of camembert and cheddar but just dreaming about it.

Remember the dream you had last week about purple mountains and arch forests. You probably forgot about it two seconds after waking up but that’s exactly how Fe looks like.

Intense colors, a big emphasis on light and shadow, and contrasting polygon graphics result in one of the most fun environments I ever had the pleasure to explore.

Exploration is key in this game. You play as Fe, a cup of a seemingly very rare species. He actually seems to be the only one of his kind.

Look at The Last Unicorn. This is the last winged glowing fox. Doesn’t that sound more interesting alone and disoriented.

He takes the first steps on his journey. Certainly a nice change from all the hand-holding games out there.

Dear developers have a little more faith in us players. Most of us have a longer attention span than a six-year-old.

The first animal you meet is actually a subtle design element to steer you in the right direction and straight to your first conversation with a plant.

There are no actual words in the game. Communication is more of getting on the same frequency as whoever you’re talking to. A dream for everybody struggling to find the right word sometimes. And, haven’t we all been in such a situation.

One of the core ideas of the game is the notion of a bond that exists between every living being. You just need to learn how to communicate with each other.

After a quick talk with Mr. Plante, you arrived at the most important spot in the entire game. You will visit this big tree over and over and over again.

‘Why?’ you ask. Because it grants you new abilities in exchange for the crystals you find in the world sometimes hidden sometimes in plain sight.

The real question you should be asking though: why does an animal need a tree to teach him how to run?

Maybe I should visit the oak in my garden more often. The more abilities you unlock the more enjoyable phase movement gets.

Everything flows into each other. You run-up to a tree, climb to the top and then glide to the new rock you weren’t able to reach before. Plus, every new skill improves phase ability to aid his fellow animals. And they are in dire need of help.

It doesn’t take you long to come across the first character that needs you.

Big Momma Bird, this lady is completely hysterical after weird robots, like biped, steal her eggs. Thankfully, they haven’t gotten far and turn out to be relatively harmless.

Unable to make out the difference between glowy grass and face spikes. Seriously guys? You have this big eyeball thing in your head. Use it.

If you do get caught by them that means straight to the last safe point for you and try again.

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