Exotic Destinations That are Increasingly Visited by Young People

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In this article, I show you some of the exotic destinations that are increasingly visited by young people. Distant warm countries, crystal clear sea, white sandy shores and palm trees. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? However, in recent years, the trip to an exotic destination has become a dream that has come true for many.

Interesting packages of arrangements, discounts, holidays out of season, all these are factors that have made such trips somewhat more affordable, so often the younger population decides to visit these countries. See which are the exotic destinations that attract young people the most.


Everyone who watched the movie “Beach” with Leonard DiCaprio in the lead role, surely wanted to experience the story from this movie. A young man who goes to Bangkok alone and experiences incredible adventures. What attracted him to this destination undoubtedly attracts all young people and entices him to go on a Disco Friend trip to Thailand 2018.

The word “Thai” which is at the root of the name of this island means freedom, and that is exactly the word that tourists use to describe their stay in Thailand.

Bangkok in Thailand

The capital Bangkok is known for its nightlife and is a real urban jungle. There is no day of the week when you will not find an organized party in one of the clubs.

Here are some of the most famous pubs with a great atmosphere and cheap beer, such as “Buddy Beer”, “Gullivers” or “Brick Bar”. Everything from the sound of salsa to techno can be heard in the clubs. As we have mentioned, Thais are a very free people and in clubs there are often go-go dancers very scantily clad, or unclothed.

If you are in Thailand, in addition to the fun, do not miss the famous Tiger Temple, numerous national parks, magnificent temples, a floating market and Thai massages. There are of course beaches that will leave you breathless, and Maya Bay from the aforementioned movie is one of them.


Salsa, mojitos and tompus, three words that describe the life of the people in Cuba. Small authentic Cuban street parties are something you must attend. Clubs and bars open around 10pm and close after the last guest leaves.

In addition to having fun with the famous rum cocktails, Cuba is full of cultural entertainment, which consists of various museums and monuments, as well as many festivals. Some of them are the Havana Carnival, the Cuban Dance Festival, the Latin American Film Festival and the Spanish Dance Festival.

You should also visit Chichen Itza, an archeological site from the time of the Mayan civilization, which has been declared one of the seven wonders of the New World. In addition to the customs of the Mayan people, you will also get acquainted with the beauty of the caves of the cenote, which the people of this area considered sacred places and performed religious rituals in them.

One of the most attractive places for young people is the summer resort Playa del Carmen, where you will find unforgettable day and night parties on long sandy beaches, clubs and caves, along with mariachis and tequila. BPM, one of the most prestigious electronic music festivals in the world, is also held at this place.


The arrangements in Zanzibar are intended for free-spirited people, who are open to new experiences. Untouched nature, fantastic diving locations and rich cultural heritage are what bring tourists to this exotic island.

The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town, which is protected by UNESCO as one of the hundred most important cities in the world. Colorful cocktails and hot African rhythms guarantee unforgettable parties on the beach.

This island is the right choice for water sports fans. Diving, water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking are just some of the activities you can do. Get ready to dive to see the most interesting sea scenes, such as a large number of corals, the wrecks of sunken ships, octopuses, lobsters, rye, dolphins.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is the two-day safari. Get ready to meet gazelles, antelopes, lions, elephants, zebras and rhinos. Save your cameras because you will return from this island full of impressions that you should notice.


They say that Bali travel is an opportunity to experience a place where tourists feel like “God”. The sincere hospitality of the hosts, rich history, phenomenal nature and adventures are the advantages of this Indonesian island, where, in addition to all the activities, you will also be able to relax with yoga, meditation and massages.

Kuta and Seminyak are the most tumultuous works in terms of nightlife, but in most other cities you can come across parties every day, both in clubs and on the beach. However, if you visit this island, keep in mind that its charm is in a relaxed atmosphere, that Indonesians are in no hurry and that hedonism is their number one priority.

Awaken the adventurer in you because you will have the opportunity to climb Bali, no less and no more than a volcano! Tourists often climb the volcano in the middle of the night, to welcome the sunrise there. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Although it is undoubtedly adorned with unrealistically beautiful beaches, the greatest beauty of Bali lies in the interior, forests, rice fields and miraculous waterfalls. You can also find hidden waterfalls, where there are not many tourists, and note the most beautiful photos. Another famous “place to paint” is the Bali swing, which will make you overcome the fear of heights.

Prepare well for any of these amazing destinations. Maximally recharge your batteries before the trip so you can visit as many sights as possible, swim in as many beaches as possible and make a toast every night in one of the clubs. Conduct is guaranteed.

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