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Calix is ​​a company that imports and distributes the highest quality types of beverages that are made worldwide. Their desire is to enrich the selection of drinks on our market and introduce our customers to exclusive types of alcoholic beverages. In addition to the really diverse offer of drinks they have, they also have a variety of equipment for cafes and bars in their range.

If you have a bar or have a plan to open a bar, and you want the level of service in it to be exceptional, we tell you that you need professional bar equipment for that. Calix is ​​a company that strives to always provide its customers with excellence, quality, and reliability, which means both excellent and reliable bar equipment.

Bartending equipment – everything you can imagine

Out of the need to help and enable their customers to enjoy perfect drinks, the idea arose to provide quality accompanying equipment for cafes and bars, which will properly accompany the offer of top drinks from their rich assortment. That is why they decided to offer the market various other products in addition to drinks, which are necessary to create a supreme hedonistic pleasure.

The bar equipment they have on sale includes shakers, cocktail mixing spoons, cocktail and citrus strainers, ice grabs, etc. If you need equipment for bartenders, we can tell you for sure that you will find it in the Calix online store.

Shakers – a necessary ingredient for the perfect cocktail

The most important ingredient in any good cocktail is the shaker. Shakers are the little secrets of great bartenders, and that is why it is essential that the shakers used to make cocktails are professional and high quality. A good shaker is one that is made of quality material, usually stainless steel, of greater or lesser wall thickness. Its lid must seal well so that the drink does not leak out of it during mixing, and it must have the appropriate volume to mix the drink in the right way.

And last but not least, it must be elegant, easy to hold in your hands, and make a magic cocktail. There is a large offer of shakers on their website. There you can find the ideal shakers for your bar by choosing the desired criteria for searching the offer (volume, material, color, etc.).

Some of the recommendations are Baron Yukiwa bronze shaker, which has a volume of 510ml, made of stainless steel in bronze color. One of the more interesting and elegant models is Zeus Parisienne, an elegant black shaker, with a slightly larger volume, beautiful and modern look, created so that its appearance creates the magic of the perfect cocktail in the hands of an experienced bartender.

We also offer two-part Yokai Boston shakers, which are available in gold, silver, copper, or black. These shakers, unique in their design, are also an economical choice because, for the price of one, you get two shakers of different dimensions. And they exist in multiple color variations so you can choose the ones you like best.

The bar equipment they provided also includes bar spoons/forks for mixing cocktails. These spoons are made so that they can be used for making cocktails, but also for decorating cocktails and drinks. They are very specific and allow you to mix drinks in a special, delicate way.

In addition, there are citrus strainers (such as Platinum Lime Squeezer) that can be used to squeeze lemon, lime, or orange juice. There are also a variety of cocktail strainers, various characteristics that will make it easy to filter cocktail ingredients.

The bartending equipment offered by the Calix store is really great, and we have to point out the unique ones on the market of our country. All items are very high quality, made of top materials by renowned manufacturers of bar equipment from around the world, who have turned their professionalism into tools that every exclusive bar should have.

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