Do We Need Sun Protection When We Are at Home?

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Although sunscreens are associated with staying in nature or outdoors, we definitely need sun protection when we are at home, because the rays reach through the window. Also, the currently increased time spent in the house or apartment results in greater exposure to other types of radiation, which is why we need sunscreens that have a protective factor against all types of air.

So, UVA / UVB protection from the sun is not enough, but the selected sunscreens should also protect us from the blue light emitted by home appliances, which enter the deepest layers of skin cells and make various changes in them. Topical and oral sun protection for internal protection can also be used for this purpose!

Given the current pandemic due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we are all much more confined to the house/apartment, and the days are mostly beautiful, warm, and very sunny. This kind of weather entices us to, if nothing else, go out into the yard (who is lucky), to the terrace or at least by the window where we spend hours reading a book or doing some other things, soaking up every ray of sunlight!

You may have thought that we do not need sun protection at home, but in that case, you were very wrong. During home insulation, we really need a protective factor, and even much better than the usual ones that provide sunscreen with protection from UVA and UVB rays!

Various devices to which we are heavily exposed indoors emit rays that penetrate deep into the skin, damage its cells and cause premature aging and other changes in the skin, so we need complete protection from all types of radiation.

By this, we mean infrared rays, the visible spectrum of radiation, as well as artificial radiation, and such protection can be provided only by the highest quality sunscreens that have a high protection factor, as well as oral sun protection or sun protection capsules with added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

How to protect yourself from radiation at home?

As we have already mentioned, regardless of the fact that we are at home, we need a protective factor in the fight against aging and other skin damage. Although the sun provides various beneficial effects on our health, if there is no adequate protection from the sun – its rays will cause us damage.

Especially if you plan to be exposed to direct sunlight, sunscreens must be part of your care even at home! These include not only the topical sunscreen provided by sunscreens but also your best allies can be supplements, ie oral sunscreen that provides internal skin protection. This type of protection includes e.g. Heliocare oral capsules for sun protection.

Like Heliocare sunscreen, sunscreen capsules have a clinically proven effective against various types of radiation, because all sunscreens from the Heliocare product line contain Fernblock® – Fern extract Polypodium Leucotomos. This tropical fern, originally from Central America, has the property of self-defense and recovery after damage caused by sunlight, and its special extraction extracts Fernblock® substance with powerful protective, antioxidant and regenerative effects. This ingredient works on the skin by:

  • prevents the extinction of fibroblasts responsible for its youthful appearance,
  • prevents cell oxidation and thus damage and premature aging,
  • prevents changes in mitochondria that represent cellular energy,
  • prevents the formation of hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production.
  • If you want this kind of protection for your skin, the company MSF Pharm is the exclusive distributor of Heliocare products that consist of sprays, gels, and sunscreens, then sun protection capsules, as well as photoprotective makeup or powders and tinted creams that have a protective factor.

What is oral sunscreen and why is it important?

Oral sun protection provided by Heliocare sun protection capsules is a 100% reliable and effective method in the fight against various types of radiation to which we are exposed both outdoors and indoors and in homes and apartments. This type of protection is necessary in order to protect our skin from damage not only on the outside but also on the inside. Clinical studies that have been conducted have indicated that people who drank Heliocare sunscreen capsules compared to those who did not have significantly less radiation damage.

Therefore, choose Heliocare Oral sunscreen capsules in a pack of 60. In addition to Fernblock® fern extract, these capsules also contain green tea extract and beta carotene and should be drunk one to two times a day to provide adequate protection. from the sun.

Also, there are Heliocare Ultra D capsules for internal sun protection, which are a unique combination of Fernblock® extract, vitamins D, E, and C, lutein, and lycopene. The package consists of 30 capsules, and one capsule a day is enough for antioxidant and immune protection of cells from the harmful effects of free radicals!

Whatever sunscreen is your choice, be sure to try to provide your skin with the highest quality and complete protection from radiation and make sure that the products have the highest possible protection factor, because only then will you ensure the health of your skin and youth in the long run! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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