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This article is a quick review of the CAT S52 mobile phone. Also, I included specs of this smartphone below.

Did it ever happen to you that your phone drops and crashes?
Even if it’s not, you certainly know someone who has a broken screen phone or has had to pay for a screen replacement.

Problem to solve

Modern mobile phones look great, but the trend of shrinking or enlarging the screen has resulted in our e-pets being extremely sensitive and one moment inadvertently can easily get a large sum of money out of your pocket.
There is an alternative, of course, but robust and durable phones have traditionally looked bulky and not exactly tailored to users who appreciate good design.

CAT company

CAT (also known as Caterpillar), as a company virtually synonymous with durable devices, has decided to change this and offer users a phone that combines durability with a sleek look.
As a result, the CAT S52 is a cell phone that has the resilience characteristic of the sophisticated CAT S series, but also a look you won’t be ashamed of in any company.

CAT S52 design

The sleek metal frame makes the S52 look more like an Apple iPhone than previous CAT models, and this is also the slimmest phone of its kind.
With a profile of only 9.69 mm and a weight of 210 g, the S52 does not stand out from the “ordinary” modern phones we use every day.
However, despite its modest dimensions, this phone boasts outstanding durability, with military standards certification and resistance to falls to concrete from 1.5 meters high, high and low temperatures, vibration, moisture, sand, dust, and water.

The CAT S52 features a 5.65-inch IPS screen, which is protected by a sixth-generation Gorilla glass, which, along with a metal frame, protects it from unwanted falls.
Also, the screen is adapted to work with wet hands or while the hands are in gloves and offer enough brightness for high-quality display even in bright daylight.
All this makes the CAT S52 a great choice for those who work in demanding conditions or on construction sites, or for those who are traditionally loyal to CAT phones.

Sony camera

This phone is also equipped with a very capable camera that uses a Sony 12MP sensor and has an aperture of F1.8, which provides quality photos in all light conditions.
In other words, a camera with these features is something we have never had the opportunity to see on rugged phones.
There is also Full HD video recording with gyroscopically controlled electron stabilization, which will give you more stable, higher quality and more usable footage, even if you’re on the move.
In addition, there is an 8MP front camera, also capable of capturing video in Full HD.

Hardware specs

The CAT S52 is powered by the new MediaTek Helio P35 eight-core processor that, with 4GB of RAM, delivers excellent performance for all tasks and very comfortable and fast operation.
The phone is powered by the Android 9.0 operating system and an upgrade to Android 10 is planned.
There is also a 3100 mAh battery that will give you full day’s work, with fast charging capability.


The CAT S52 is by far the most versatile durable phone to date, attracting those looking for a stylish and capable phone, but would also like extra security in the event of falls or exposure to water and dust.

CAT S52 on the market

CAT S52 is on the market in different versions. I included one of those here.

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