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A smartphone search engine is a tool for accessing information – browsing online newspapers, reading books, watching videos, and any multimedia content. The most famous is Google’s Chrome, followed by Firefox and Safari, but there are many other browsers that deserve to be on the list of the best. That is why today we have selected the best and most interesting search engines for you.

Google Chrome (Android, iOS)

Google Chrome is probably the most popular search engine on your smartphone. The popularity of this browser stems from its availability. It is fast and accurate and allows you to search in private mode, which allows you to browse the content without following user information. Additionally, it has a voice search option.

One of the biggest benefits of Chrome is syncing with all devices, such as tablets, laptops, or desktops if you have a Google Account. One of the newer options is Data Saver, which increases the speed of searching by compressing photos, titles, and other parts of sites. The biggest drawback of this browser on a smartphone is that it does not support Adobe Flash Player, so there is no possibility of opening Flash applications. The browser is free and takes up almost 70MB of internal memory.

Mozilla Firefox (Android, iOS)

Mozilla Firefox is the biggest competitor to Chrome and is far superior to it. The biggest advantage that this smartphone browser has over Chrome is that it supports Adobe Flash Player and takes up only 40 MB of internal memory.

Mozilla Firefox also has additional options – Reader Mode and Guest Session Mode. The first option allows you to read the content of sites without additional charts and thumbnails, while the second allows you to search for an additional person or “guest”.

An additional big advantage of Mozilla is the reduction of color intensity on the pages if it is searched in Night mode. Additionally, the browser includes LastPass, which manages passwords, as well as a built-in AdBlock Plus, which eliminates all ads from the site.

This browser on your smartphone offers data synchronization with other devices, installation of add-ons, as well as a private search mode. The main drawback of Firefox is the design – it looks outdated compared to other browsers. The browser is free and takes up just over 50MB of internal memory.

Dolphin (Android, iOS)

This browser on a smartphone has an interesting design and one novelty in the field of search – the ability to insert a photo into the background of the browser. Dolphin is free, has a private search option, supports Adobe Flash Player, manages passwords, and has the ability to sync data via the Dolphin Connect option.

Additionally, Dolphin also supports voice content search – Sonar, as well as Night Mode and Dolphin Reader options. Night Mode allows you to read a page in low light and thus saves the phone’s battery, while Reader discards all unnecessary multimedia content that makes it difficult to read the page. It takes up 30MB of internal memory and is free.

Ghostery Privacy Browser (Android, iOS)

Ghostery is a smartphone browser designed to protect user privacy and is best known as an add-on to Mozilla or Chrome.
The biggest advantage of this browser is the built-in algorithms that can delete all previously viewed sites. Also, the user can block the tracker, by specifying search tools, blocking cookies, or deleting history. The Ghostrank option also provides additional security, as it lists information about the current companion or tracker. Additional benefits are the ability to add a pop-up blocker and take up 7.5MB of internal memory.

However, the design of the browser is very simple and not so attractive, so it greatly affects the popularity of this browser.

Mercury Browser (Android, iOS)

Mercury is a free smartphone browser created as a product of iLegendsoft Inc., primarily intended for iOS users. After only a few months, this browser was available for all Android phones.

It has an interesting design and offers a choice of 5 themes within the browser on a smartphone, private search, QR code scanner, and supports Adobe Flash Player. Additionally, when downloading content, the browser categorizes that content into sections with music, videos, photos, and the like, while cleaning the pages of unnecessary content (such as images) to leave only text – if you wish. The search engine is very similar to Dolphin – multifunctional, with great options.

Flynx (Android)

Flynx is a free, “floating” search engine made by InfiKen Labs. Its main advantage is a floating window, which allows you to stay in another, already running application and at the same time search for information on the Internet, within the cloud. When the page loads, the browser will notify you. This smartphone browser also allows you to load multiple links simultaneously and takes up only 13MB of internal memory.

There are also additional benefits, such as Night Mode, which reduces the intensity of colors and light on the screen and saves the phone’s battery. Although it is not possible to synchronize data with other devices, by double-clicking on the link being searched, the content can be saved and later read in Offline mode. An Ad-blocker can also be installed. Flynx is primarily designed for multitasking on your smartphone.

Opera Mobile (Android)

Opera is a very popular, free browser on a smartphone, whose biggest drawback is its purpose – only for Android users. On the other hand, its main advantage is the Opera Turbo option, which is designed to simplify the page and save traffic, similar to Chrome’s Data Saver. This option is suitable for devices with a weaker processor or a slow internet connection.

There are two other great options – Speed ​​Dial and Discover. The first is intended for quick storage of the link, while the second allows reading news from the selected country, ie region, by filtered topics. Also, there is the possibility of synchronization with a desktop computer or tablet, via Opera links, if you have your Opera account.

Maximum user commitment is Opera’s greatest virtue and goes so far as to create a version of the Opera Mini browser that takes up only 3MB of internal memory.

Safari (iOS)

Safari is a free search engine best known to users of iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, and iPod, but it is also available to all Android users. It is very fast and has the option to zoom the content – zoom in and zoom out. An additional advantage is the Retina Display option, which is used to search in HD mode. According to research, Safari is the most popular search engine on a smartphone and tablet.

What is the best search engine on a smartphone?

Although the fight for the first place was extremely difficult, our heart was won by Dolphin, due to its maximum commitment to the user and his needs, speed, reliability, and privacy. Although other search engines are very good and are getting better day by day, the innovative Dolphin is our choice this time. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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