Barcelona – The tourist capital of Western Europe

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Barcelona is a city that constantly fascinates millions of tourists. The capital of Catalonia fascinates everyone who finds itself in the city with its numerous attractions. Regardless of whether they spend one or 10 days in it, because something new and different can be seen every day.

That is why it is no wonder that Barcelona is the tourist capital of Western Europe. Modern architecture, the city center from ancient times, medieval buildings and heavenly nature. You can see all this and go on a trip to Barcelona by plane.

A brief history of the city

The first settlement in Barcelona dates back to the Neolithic period. The city was founded by the Romans, who founded a colony called Barsino. A wall was built for defensive purposes, the remains of which can still be seen today.

The prosperous period during the Middle Ages established the city as the economic and political center of the western Mediterranean. The Gothic Quarter testifies to the luxury that reigned at that time.

From the 15th to the 18th century, Barcelona did not follow the previous development and actually experienced a decline. This situation prevailed until the middle of the 19th century and the development of the textile industry.

During the 20th century, urban renewal was carried out throughout the city, and the product of this renewal is the Eixample district, which houses some of the most famous works of Catalan modern art.

In the last 20 years, Barcelona has established its status as one of the most popular and modern cities in Europe.

Ancient Barcelona – Barrio Gotico

We are talking about a neighborhood that testifies to the earliest history of the city. There are several tourist attractions here, including the Cathedral, King’s Square and the Porta de L’Angel shopping street.

Gaudí’s legacy and art noveu architecture

Barcelona is known for its amazing buildings made in the Art Nouveau style. Many artists, among whom the most prominent are the already mentioned Gaudi, as well as Luis Doemeh, Josep Puig and Josep Maria.

All of them have built or renovated more than a dozen houses, palaces and monasteries. The influence of the artist’s new art can be seen all over the city. First of all in Gaudí’s masterpiece, the cathedral that is still being built today, La Sagrada Famillia. Be sure to visit Park Guell, which is characterized by many colorful sculptures and imaginative buildings.

Beach 5 kilometers long

Rarely does a city of this size boast a five-kilometer-long beach. The sandy beach filled with cafes, bars and water sports has something for everyone. The crowds on the beach and the search for the perfect place are a thing of the past here.

Las Ramblas

One of the main streets of the city and the starting point for most tourists. A walk through the 2 km long street will introduce you to the charm of the Mediterranean city. You will see numerous shops, restaurants, street artists…

Delicious food

Tapas, vegetables, sweets and fish – in Barcelona you will not go to bed hungry. Here you can find an incredible variety of gastronomic offer, hundreds of restaurants and several markets in the city will feed all hungry mouths.

Sports culture

Barcelona has the largest stadium in Europe, where guests are welcomed by the club of the same name, Barcelona. The Camp Nou stadium can accommodate as many as 99,354 visitors, and the Barcelona football club is much more than a club to all fans. You can also see the pride that the inhabitants of the city feel. You will see them wearing the club’s insignia even on days when there are no matches.

Modern infrastructure

Barcelona is a metropolis, literally. Moving around the city will not be a problem, because the 11 metro line covers the wider city area. You can reach any part of the city in less than half an hour. If you walk the streets, you will not encounter large crowds. After the reconstruction of the city at the end of the 19th century, almost all the streets got two lanes, so the ride through Barcelona is a real pleasure. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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