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In the last special, which was dedicated to the iPhone 8, we mentioned that if you want to have phones from the new Apple series, be sure to take a look at the iPhone X . What we didn’t tell you is that this model was made in honor of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and that it represents “the realization of the mission that the screen completely covers the surface of the phone. ” Read what the iPhone X has to offer below.

iPhone X or iPhone 10?

If your first thought that the name of the phone reads iPhone “X” and not iPhone “10”, you are not the only one. What’s interesting about this name is that Apple skipped the 9 series and immediately switched to 10. So, the name of this phone is iPhone TEN, and it is written in the Roman numeral X Tech, critics argue that, perhaps, the names of the next series will be marked Roman numerals. It remains to be seen!

The screen everyone is talking about

When it comes to the screen, there is no doubt that the iPhone X matches its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. The display that extends across the entire front of the iPhone x is something completely new that Apple has created and is not at all reminiscent of the seventh version of the iPhone, or even the iPhone 8. Interestingly, the iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. but it has a bigger screen, for which we have to thank its different design.

The 5.8-inch screen size is really impressive! The screen extends all the way to the edges of the phone and thus gets a resolution of 2436 x 1225. Another news is that Apple has switched to OLED display, which means that you will now be able to enjoy deep, dark colors. The Super Retina HD feature also speaks about the quality of the screen.

Due to the size and design of the screen, Apple has abolished the home button, ie Touch ID, but there is one addition, and that is a small, black part, which is located at the top of the display, in the middle. It does not disturb the screen resolution in any way, although it slightly destroys the design. Also, keep in mind that the iPhone X screen size is 18: 9, so it will not support videos that are standard sizes, more precisely, 16: 9.

FaceID recognition

The black, small part we talked about in the previous paragraph is actually a Truth Depth camera, made to identify your face, that is, for the FaceID feature. When the phone recognizes your face, you can unlock it. This feature caused a lot of controversy at the iPhone Event.

Namely, during the demonstration of this “miracle”, Craig Federigi, one of the directors at Apple, did not manage to unlock the phone via this option but did it in a well-known way – by typing in a pin. Apple later stated that a large number of people were playing with the phone backstage and therefore did not recognize Craig’s face.

Either way, the Face ID option works on the principle of placing tiny dots on your face, which the phone “teaches” that it’s you so that it can recognize you later. The cool thing is that the phone screen turns on as soon as it recognizes you and that you can supposedly use this feature in the dark.

Namely, if you are in the dark, the Truth Depth camera offers just enough light to illuminate your face, allowing you to unlock your phone. Another benefit is that FaceID will work great with third-party apps, so you’ll also be able to buy something with one look at your phone.

FaceID has been announced as an add-on that will work flawlessly and that neither your twin nor twins will be able to cheat. Given the failure of the iPhone Event, we’re not sure that’s exactly the case, but we’ll give Apple a chance to reassure us.

The innovative design of the iPhone X phone

Simple – Apple has shown with its new design that it can keep up with the most popular trends from 2017, and we are thrilled. Namely, this one is the least painful of all previous phones, while its back part is made of glass. The phone sits perfectly in the hand, although fingerprints can be seen on the glass. Due to the size of the screen, you may have trouble scrolling to the upper right corner, but this is not really a serious problem. The volume up and down buttons are located on the left side and are made so that you can’t mute your phone completely, more precisely, set it to Silent.

When it comes to colors, the iPhone X comes in Black and Space Gray.

Camera and anime

Let’s first talk about the front camera, the already mentioned True Depth, which has another great feature that no other phone has. The front camera is very sensitive and can make you animoji – animated emoji. Suddenly, you can become a panda, a pig, or some other animal. As announced in Apple, this 7-megapixel camera will also be great for selfies, as it focuses on details and adjusts to the amount of light.

The rear camera will have a significant 12 megapixels, and both of its lenses will have the ability to stabilize the photo. Just like on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, a new photo processor has been introduced. One of the novelties is that the cameras are turned in the vertical, instead of in the horizontal position, as they have been so far.

Software – new iOS 11

Just like on the iPhone 8, the iPhone X has introduced a new generation of phones with iOS 11. A more modern design and adaptation to the new screen are, in essence, the main features of this operating system. The main menu and the design of the icons have remained the same, and to get to the home screen, you need to move your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Hardware and wireless charging

What we haven’t mentioned yet, and what makes the iPhone X an even more attractive device, is the built-in support for augmented reality technology via the ARKit framework and the ARCore chip. Just like on the iPhone 8, here you will be able to have fun with AR games and applications.

As for the processor and memory, it is an A11 Bionic chip and the possibility of expanding the memory to 64GB or 256GB. This is typical for all Apple phones that came out this year. Another important piece of information, when we talk about hardware, is that the iPhone X is waterproof.

However, the biggest news is the way the phone is charged – Apple has made wireless charging. Wireless charging is not a new charging method, we have already seen it on Nexus and Samsung phones. As for the charging itself, the iPhone X supports both standards – PMA and Qi. The principle on which wireless charging works is that you do not have to use a cable, but only the device through which your phone is charged.

And here’s another problem: it’s not enough that you have to pay a huge amount of money for the phone itself, now you have to borrow money for a wireless charger. The one that Apple emphasizes is AirPower, which is not so impressive. Namely, your phone from 0% to 50% can arrive in just half an hour, but only if you use a cable with a wireless charger – USB-C.

Is the iPhone X on the market?

The official arrival of the iPhone X on the phone is scheduled for November 3, and you can book the phone from October 27. Interestingly, this is the most expensive phone that Apple has ever made and its price will be $ 999, more precisely £ 999. This price should not be surprising, considering that Apple has made a completely new display for this phone, so development and production costs are much higher.

Is the iPhone X worth the money?

About the capabilities of the new iPhone X, the final judgment will be given by the market. For now, we can say that it is a phone with which Apple bravely enters the scene, with the intention of beating all competitors. Some of the specs we liked were FaceID, anime, and a completely innovative design. On the other hand, we are not very enthusiastic about wireless charging, as it does not give good enough results as charging via cable.

But since we are iPhone fans, we can’t wait to see this newcomer in action. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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