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Have you ever wondered how the Android logo came about? Almost every day, you will find news about this most widespread mobile operating system and see a smiling green robot that reminds you that it represents millions of satisfied users around the world. Another question is who designed the Android logo? This second question is especially important, considering that it is one of the most recognizable graphic solutions on the planet.

Android logo designer

Started in reverse order. The answer is Irina Blok, who three years ago, as a designer at Google, was given the task of creating a logo for the Android OS. As she herself admitted in an interview with the New York Times, the main task set before her and her colleagues were to create something that consumers would easily identify with.

The logo was supposed to contain a robot, so Irina had to “go” to the world of science fiction and space-themed movies for inspiration. Also, the pictograms of male and female bodies also left a decisive influence on the creation of the Android logo. Guess twice where such pictures are most often seen

Android logo as “open source”

Like the operating system itself, which is widely known for its “open source” epithet, the designers from Google decided to create a simple figure that many will be able to easily individualize according to their own needs and desires.

Over the past three years, we have seen Android robots in various editions, like ninjas, skaters, waiters, and who knows in other “roles”, all thanks to this woman, who, which is very interesting, no longer works at Google.

Whatever the reason for the change of the company, it is not so much important, as the fact that this designer was somehow pushed to the end and that she never got a part of the fame that Android undoubtedly has. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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