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Rumors circulating about the abolition of Adobe Flash support on mobile devices has become official. Adobe Flash is discontinued.

As officially announced, Adobe is ceasing to invest its efforts in the further development of all Flash programs for mobile devices, and in the future, the company’s activities in this field will be reduced to removing BUGs and correcting other supported functions of existing programs.

The reactions of mobile phone fans on world blogs are mostly the same, sad. Many note that this is the end of an era, but also the logical beginning of a new one in web surfing that will open the door to some other options and possibilities. Adobe will in the future turn to the development of new standards, HTML5 technologies in which the blogging community already predicts great success. these companies.

This means that the version of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on the BlackBerry Playbook will be remembered as the last big venture in the field of Android in the world of Mobile Flash.

Adobe, however, announces that another (final) version of Adobe 11.1 will see the light of day for mobile users, which will allow websites the comfortable time needed to switch to HTML5 technologies.

Adobe has also announced an open option for licensed source code manufacturers working on their own versions of Flash for mobile phones through Adobe AIR support, so these manufacturers will have the ability to “package” Flash as an application that they can sell in stores that trade mobile applications.

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