How to Achieve Harmony of the Organism and Get Rid of Stress

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Fast time, you race for money and existence, accumulation of obligations, everyday stress… all this is a pattern of modern man, according to which most of the planet lives. It seems that the only priority we set for ourselves is to be healthy so that we can finish everything on time.

From day to day, month by month, such a way of life has led us to have plenty of energy for anything else, and we have less and less free time for pleasure. Of course, health should be a priority for each of us, but what we should strive for is harmony and a slower pace, because it has long been known that accumulated stress is the trigger for many diseases.

How do we accumulate stress?

The latest scientific findings show that we are under the greatest stress from adulthood to the age of 33, and women are most exposed to that, you guessed it because modern times have imposed too many roles on them. Therefore, the mental pressure on the fairer sex is stronger.

It is also alarming that 86% of people describe themselves as worried. And we take care of everything, from connections, money, work, and health, to missing a city bus or a morning alarm and being late for work. We don’t want it to sound alarming, but simple math adds up to an average of 5 years of life, or 1 hour and 50 minutes a day, doing just that, worrying.

While some think that these types of stress can be successfully overcome, and others that there will be more and more, one thing is for sure – stress and care must not be our daily companions on the path of life!

When we recognize that we are under stress, it is important that we do something about it in order to bring ourselves back into balance. Deep breathing, physical activity, going to nature, meditation, yoga, laughter, positive content and positive people, animals – all this can help us.

How to recognize a high level of stress?

When we are under stress, the hypothalamus, a small brain structure located at the base of the brain, activates the excitation system in our body. As a result, nerve and hormonal signals cause the adrenal glands, located in the upper poles of the kidneys, to secrete waves of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol (better known as stress hormones). We all need the hormone cortisol to live, but persistently high levels of cortisol in the body have a negative effect.

Then there are problems with sleep, digestion, rapid heartbeat, and high blood pressure, aging skin, and emotional overeating that leads to weight gain. These are just some of the symptoms, and if you have them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cortisol level is high. All this is easy to check with laboratory blood tests.

You need to bring your body back to normal

In addition to changing life habits, eliminating vices, regular exercise, and slowing down, as mandatory for reducing stress in your life, a different principle has been very successfully shown, and that is bio-resonance therapy.

With this method of quantum medicine, it is possible to notice a disorder in the biophysical field up to 2 years before the manifestation of any symptoms and to prevent the appearance of the disease, and to balance the psycho-physical condition.

Doctors of quantum medicine are guided by the fact that the definition of health is harmony and balance that reigns between our body and mind, and if we are talking about stress as a cause of disease, then it is really necessary.

Life in a big city, brings with it many unforeseen situations, a race, a struggle with time, crowds. Doing so that it does not greatly affect your health is not easy, but there are ways.

Think of active and positive ways to deal with stress and establish balance in the body, because it will be grateful to you. Before you reach for medications that will only calm you down for a moment, learn how to manage stress through relaxation and other similar techniques. Identify situations that throw you off balance and try to deal with them in a healthy and positive way.

Recently, one of the most frequently used solutions in regulating stress levels is the review of quantum medicine.

Examination by a doctor of quantum medicine is a term often mentioned by those who have decided to make changes from the root because the initial therapy stimulates the regeneration of the entire organism and gives guidelines on how to reduce stress. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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