Abkoncore K660 Arc Keyboard Review

In this article, I give you my quick review of the Abkoncore K660 Arc keyboard.

If you’re not familiar with Abkoncore they’re pretty big in Korea but in the US they’re not too big or well known. However, they do make a lot of various peripherals for computers, and that’s things like mice, headsets, computer cases, and of course keyboards like this.

Most of the keyboards run roughly in the range of budget to mid-tier and this keyboard here is budget price tier.

I did review their most expensive and premium keyboard in this post.

When receiving this package, you’re going to receive the keyboard which connects via USB regular a cable a keyboard cover that will help you store or travel with the keyboard if that’s something you wish to do a key remover tool which will let you customize the keys or pull them out to clean and speaking of cleaning it also does come with a cleaning brush which will allow for you to do a deeper clean behind the keys on the keyboard and last but not least a user’s guide manual that will show you how to use some of the lighting effects and functions of this keyboard which we’ll be covering a little bit.

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