A Guide Through Giraffe Castle in Kenya

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A real paradise for giraffe lovers is located in Kenya, which offers a guide with unique experience to tourists who decide to visit it. Read how and where you can have breakfast with these cute animals.

You’ve probably once seen a photo of 2 giraffes sticking their head out the window and sweetening up like people from a plate in someone’s dining room. Discover details about Giraffe Castle, which is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction.

A meal with giraffes as part of everyday life.
Giraffe Manor offers its guests the option to enjoy these cute animals every morning and evening when they stop by the dining room located on the veranda.

Giraffes stop by to greet guests and to serve the food left for them, but you can offer them some more specialties from the menu.

Also, you can feed them and from the bedroom window on the first floor of the hotel.

Unlike most of the world’s zoos, here you can and even it is desirable to touch, pet and feed giraffes.

And for those who want to experience a giraffe kiss, the hotel staff will be happy to show you how to do it.

In addition to giraffes, you can meet over 180 species of birds and rare species of animals here.

What else does Giraffe Castle offer?
Within this complex there is also a museum dedicated to the writer Karen Blixen who is the author of the legendary novel “Out of Africa”.

For the youngest, there is also a Giraffe Center within an elegant reserve dedicated to education.

There is also an elephant orphanage nearby, which was built by David Sheldrick in 1977 as a place to take care of small elephants who lost their parents somewhere in the wild.

How to get to this castle?
Giraffe Castle is located 20 kilometers from Nairobi, which is also known as the “Green City of the Sun”. It is located in the suburbs of this city – Lang’ati.

As part of the tour whose slogan is “Let our urban wildness delight you”, everyone can see the most beautiful of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and finally the ‘Giraffe Complex’.

Giraffe Castle was built during the 1930s and is located on a property of almost 60 hectares, and is a refuge for a particularly endangered species of animals – Rothschild’s giraffe, which is extremely tall, sometimes up to 6 meters.

Giraffes with specific “socks”.
The survival of Rothschild giraffes has been seriously questioned, and they can only be found in Kenya and Uganda.

In addition to 2 straight horns and one smaller one on the forehead, the Rothschild giraffe stands out from the ordinary with its additional pair of horns behind the ears.

The lower legs of these giraffes are always white, without spots and patterns, which is another characteristic that sets it apart from other species.

And I have seen a Rothschild giraffe in person.
The pet of the Zoo, who was there from 1997 to 2011, belonged to the species of Rothschild giraffes.

He spent his whole life in the Garden of Good Hope, where he arrived from another zoo as a baby.

It has not always had the purpose it has now.
Giraffe Castle was originally conceived as a family estate, however, when it was bought by Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville it got its current purpose.

The hotel is modeled on Scottish hunting lodges and offers a mix of traditional and modern style.

The hotel also has 10 luxury suites priced at $ 550 per person, and only full board is offered.

This castle is not a commercialized location that is adapted for a large number of tourists, but true lovers of these lovely animals will really enjoy it.

Giraffe Castle has also been visited by a number of world stars: Mick Jagger, Walter Cronkite, Johnny Carson, Brooke Shileds, Richard Branson and Ewan McGregor.

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