7 Decorations for the Groom’s Lapel

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In this article, I give you 7 When it comes to weddings, it is usually the bride who is in the center of attention, especially when it comes to preparations before the wedding. Choosing a wedding dress, shoes, Biedermeier and jewelry is a process that lasts for weeks and months, and what is the case when it comes to the groom’s styling?

Men don’t like to experiment too much and usually opt for a classic that includes a shirt, suit, and shoes combined with a belt. However, the groom also has the opportunity to spice up his clothing combination with interesting details. Here are 7 decorations suggestions for the groom’s lapel.

1 Rosemary

Wearing rosemary on the lapel is a tradition that many guys adhere to even today. This plant plays a deserved role at weddings because it symbolizes fidelity and represents the protector of marital happiness.

Rosemary can also be a part of Biedermeier, and it can also be used by wedding guests. The choice of the groom can be slightly different flowers or corsages, but those who respect the tradition will still opt for decoration in the form of rosemary.

2 Badge

Badges are an extremely interesting detail, and part of the offer of companies that deal with the production of metal accessories is usually the production of badges for suits. This detail is very elegant, so it is not surprising that it is the choice of many grooms.

A special advantage of this option is the independent choice of colors and coating of badges. Badges can be made of gold, silver, chrome, or nickel, and with your design, or the help of the people in charge, they can look like a real masterpiece.

3 Bound ribbons

Instead of the classic flowers, the decoration with which the groom’s lapel is decorated can be composed of an interesting combination of decorative ribbons. Ribbons of different colors and shapes can be tied and arranged according to your taste.

It is generally known that tapes often symbolize support for certain goals, so if any of these actions are extremely important to you, you can also express your opinion in this way.

4 Lego cubes

Day wedding is the day when guys after all criteria have become men, but is sympathetic to this very day to carry them something that reminds us of childhood. Well-known – Lego bricks can be used for this purpose.

You can create lego cube decorations together with your godfather and other friends, and have crazy fun along the way. Remember your childhood experiences and memories, play with colorful dice, and put together something that will fit in with the rest of your styling.

5 Handkerchief

An accessory that often allows men to complete their clothing combinations is the famous handkerchief. As the name suggests, it is worn in the pocket of a suit, neatly folded, usually in tune with a shirt or tie.

However, a handkerchief can also be a decoration for a lapel. You can fold it, and make an interesting shape out of it, and then fasten it to the lapel with the help of a pin. You can find these handkerchiefs in different colors, with completely crazy designs and patterns, so it is a way to make your wedding styling original.

6 Badge

Another decoration in the form of metal accessories that you can wear on your wedding day is – a badge. And badges, as well as badges, you can design to your liking. You can also make an interesting stunt out of this type of decoration.

This decoration is not reserved only for the groom, you can make badges with the roles they have at the wedding for the bride, godparents and the most important wedding guests. At the same time, an interesting memory that your guests will keep for the rest of their lives.

7 Cardboard shapes

Decorations of different shapes made of cardboard can be an interesting detail on the lapel. Red lips usually symbolize ladies while black mustaches are a symbol of a gentleman and in this case a groom. If you decide on this way of decorating for the groom, the bride can also spice up her combination in this way.

In addition to lips and mustaches, an interesting alternative is a tie and shoes, or cardboard cut in the shape of a woman and a man, as a symbol of the bride and groom. When it comes to this decoration that you will either glue or fasten to the lapel with a staple, anything will certainly come to your liking and taste. Let your decoration on the lapel symbolize your personality and character.

The bride is not the only person whose eyes are fixed during the wedding and the wedding, the main roles are assigned to her and the groom. There is no reason why his styling should not be interesting and original that day, and with an attractive decoration on the lapel, that effect will surely be achieved.

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