5 Reasons for Video Surveillance in Business Facilities

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There are a number of benefits we can associate with installing video surveillance in your business premises. With the advancement of technique and technology, security cameras are becoming available to everyone today and are no longer reserved only for medium and large companies. The prices of the video surveillance system are affordable and acceptable, and the discrete technology and sophisticated software enable its installation on smaller surfaces.

If you are still hesitant and wonder what kind of surveillance system is ideal for your business premises , the suggestion is to contact companies such as VideoMont , which deals with installation and experts who are employed there. Based on the appearance of the business space, the important parameters and your wishes, together you will surely reach the ideal solution.

Below, we share with you 5 reasons for installing video surveillance in your business facility and the items on the basis of which such an investment is worthwhile.

1 Theft Prevention by Employees

A good relationship between employees is key to the smooth functioning of a company. The relationship between superior and employee should also be based on mutual respect and mutual trust.

However, one study conducted in the United States shows that alienation by employees costs companies about $ 50 billion a year. Moreover, relentless statistics show that about 33% of companies fail precisely because of the damage caused by theft by employees . It is often difficult to find quality workers, and trust is built over time. Before building trust with newly hired people, their behavior should be kept under watch.

Many companies opt for video surveillance installation regardless of the size of the business. Thanks to the flexibility and accessibility of surveillance systems, today it is possible to find great equipment for every available budget.

The development of technology also enables access to recordings via mobile phones , from anywhere, and the only condition is an internet connection. IP cameras allow access from any location , using a device connected to the Internet.

Observing the business space from any location, allows you to simultaneously monitor the work of employees, but also to control all actions in and around the business space . If your goal is to increase productivity and sleep peacefully because cameras record all suspicious actions, video surveillance is, without a doubt, the right decision for you.

2 Increase productivity and monitor employees

Declining productivity has a significant negative impact on the business of any company . Although lower productivity cannot be compared to theft by employees, workers who do not use working time in a productive way can have detrimental consequences for the entire business.

Awareness of video monitoring will lead workers to be more productive and to use working hours just to get the job done. In addition to keeping an eye on employees, managers are also in a position to detect possible “weak links” and thus find the reason for the decline in productivity.

Productivity and profitability are closely linked, so discovering the problem of declining productivity will help the whole company function smoothly.

3 Surveillance of restricted access rooms

In almost every company, there are premises in which access to workers is restricted and customers are prohibited. These premises usually contain materials and documentation that are of great importance for the company’s business : accounting offices, management offices, warehouses of expensive materials and the like.

In the event that damage occurs or valuable documentation disappears, it is very important to react as soon as possible and find the perpetrator. If there is no surveillance and video material that can be viewed later, the investigation process can be delayed, while the relationship between employees, due to mutual accusations, can become permanently disrupted.

With video material in hand – no lies, no cheating . It is clear who was in certain rooms and when, and even the moment when the alienation or damage occurred. In addition, motion detection cameras can send a signal every time there is movement in sheltered areas.

4 Protection from possible criminal charges

Unfortunately, accidents at work do happen. Injuries can even lead to disability. On the other hand, false lawsuits are common. Namely, there are known situations when employees or customers falsely accuse and blame the company for the occurrence of their injury. The end result is that companies are legally and financially liable for false accusations.

Apart from the fact that false accusations can financially set back companies for large sums of money, sometimes over a long period of time, they are at the same time tarnishing the name and image of the company.

Video surveillance will resolve these cases in a short procedure. Video surveillance is not a way to avoid liability, but a simple way to determine how the injury occurred and whether the company was to blame for the damage.

Insurance companies will always advise companies to install video surveillance in all premises, so that possible false accusations can be easily remedied. The video material is valuable and valid evidence in court as well.

5 More satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is the goal of every company. In addition to the satisfaction of finding and satisfying the needs of your customers, a satisfied customer is a kind of free advertising – it spreads the story of your company and recommends your services to acquaintances, which increases your chances of being a successful entrepreneur .

Video surveillance will also help you in this business segment. Thanks to video surveillance, you can spot patterns of behavior of regular customers and thus get a picture of their habits and needs. Based on the pattern of customer behavior, the company can make a decision on product layout, marketing moves and the overall organization of product placement.

With the help of video surveillance, managers can also monitor the attitude of employees towards customers , as well as the extent to which the reaction of employees managed to help customers find the product. Based on the information gathered, managers can give employees instructions on how to improve their behavior and helpfulness or simply praise their engagement.

If, based on these 5 reasons, you have concluded that investing in video surveillance of your business facility is a wise investment, VideoMont will provide you with a full range of equipment and services.

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