5 Interesting Trends in Interior Design

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In this article, I give you 5 interesting trends in interior design. With the new year come new trends that will surely leave a significant mark in all fields. Designers, fashion designers, and other artists strive to design and present something new, unique, and extremely impressive every year.

When it comes to interior design and landscaping, there have been certain trends for several years now, which is the right time to apply in your living or working space. Special emphasis is placed on the best possible adaptation of the space to oneself and one’s habits, with special emphasis on ecology and connection with nature.

We present you some of the most impressive trends in interior design, which you can implement in your homes.

Biophilic landscaping – an ecological trend of the 21st century

Biophilic interior design and biophilic architecture are based on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimitating the external environment and establishing a natural balance in our lives. The biophilic concept aims to improve the quality of human lives without harming the planet.

Biophilic design experts can help you with their advice in the best possible way if you want to implement such a concept in your living or working space. Biophilic design involves the introduction of living plants and wooden furniture into the interior of a space.

The concept itself includes internal air purifiers, aromatherapy, sounds of nature, and the central principle of biophilic architecture revolves around the ideas of energy efficiency and sustainability. In this way, the harmony of the organism is achieved, you get rid of stress, and you raise awareness of the importance of protecting the natural environment.

Which plants are best for interior decoration?

Palm tree, tree of life, rubber tree, dragonfly, cacti – these are just some of the plants whose organic, a fresh look can fit perfectly into virtually any environment, which thus automatically looks much less sterile. Due to this feature, these plants can also be placed anywhere – next to furniture or in the corner of the room.

Bright colors are still in

From year to year, bright and striking colors are becoming more and more popular, and this trend does not seem to intend to disappear just like that. In numerous, different spaces, more and more bold red, blue and orange shades are used, which dominate the rooms. In addition, it is important to create the right balance and pair these colors with pastel or neutral colors such as white and gray.

Depending on what they are intended for, some rooms can be almost completely painted in flashy shades, but this is not recommended for those spaces where you want to rest and relax, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Innovative lighting enriches the space

Although this is an element that often comes last when arranging the interior, today lighting fixtures are a very important, so to speak, necessary detail, whether it is residential or commercial space.

There is a multitude of refreshing and unusual lighting designs that often combine state-of-the-art technology, as well as a number of innovations. One lighting fixture can have several different versions, but also numerous additional functions, which can only enrich your space, just like LED lighting.

Multifunctional furniture and its multiple advantages

Furniture that fulfills several different functions is no longer just a feature of smaller apartments and minimalist design. Practical furniture, which is not expected to be “just one thing”, is an absolute trend in recent years around the world, not only because it saves space and money, but can also fit very nicely into the overall interior design.

An office with windows in which there is a white table with chairs is always a good choice.

The ceilings are finally coming to the focus

The accentuation of the space finally focuses on the part that has been most often neglected so far, and that is the ceiling. You can choose between painting it in a certain color, sticking wallpaper on it, painting a mural, or leaving an untreated concrete surface.

The ceiling is a whole additional “wall” with which you can really play and experiment. It is a space that can be used to create both an intimate and intriguing atmosphere in the building. In any case, whatever you decide on, be sure that this will be a completely unusual detail in your home.

We tried to present in the best possible way what are the trends in interior design and how you can implement them in the most practical way in your space, just the way it suits you. It is up to you to decide what is most suitable for you and what will make the time spent in these rooms even more pleasant.

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