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Dual-SIM phones have for many years been considered cheap devices to resort to just in case you just can’t carry two phones with you. However, as time went on, dual SIM models also progressed. Some of them also got the Android platform, so the time of underestimation has passed. Today, you can get affordable and reliable phones with two cards and thus facilitate your communication. Using two cards separates private from business life, reduces communication costs, and no longer builds hands due to the constant carrying of two phones.

Dual SIM – two phones in one

Dual-SIM devices, therefore, have slots for two cards, and one when you put them the job is done. Both cards work separately (require their own PIN codes) and can be easily connected to their own networks, regardless of whether they are the same operators or not. That, in fact, is the point. To use the benefits offered by two networks. The situation with the Internet is somewhat different. Since it is one device, one card can run on 3G, while the other must be “satisfied” with 2G. With the Android platform, in the “settings” you can easily determine which card will use which technology (2G or 3G). If you only put 2G on one card, you should know that there is no option to put others on 2G, but that does not mean that you cannot use 2G on both SIM cards (for example, the operator does not support 3G technology). Android dual SIM phones are increasingly seen.

Of course, both SIM cards have their own signal strength indicator. Also, in basic operations, such as calls and SMS, the user clicks on numbers 1 or 2 and chooses from which number he will perform the mentioned actions.

Dual SIM active

Dual SIM active phones are devices capable of allowing the user to use both numbers at any time. These phones are certainly better than the dual SIM standby competitors, but they cost more, and their batteries are under a higher load (which is quite understandable).

Dual SIM standby

Dual SIM standby phones are denied the ability to use two numbers simultaneously. When both cards are not in use, they are in standby mode and “waiting” for calls. When you receive a call on one of the two cards, the other automatically becomes “unusable”. What’s inconvenient about these phones is that both numbers can’t work at the same time, so, say, if you’re talking on one card, the call to the other will be diverted to voicemail or the caller will be notified that you’re not available. If someone sends you an SMS to another number, it will remain “saved” in the SMS service center and after a certain interval (which may vary) will be delivered to you.
There are dual SIM phone models that place the main card inside the phone itself, mostly under the battery, while the other is placed in the slot outside, like memory cards.

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