Alcatel OT-304 Review

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I wrote about the Alcatel OT-602 and said it was cheap. And what about the Alcatel OT-304. That it is even cheaper or that it is the cheapest?

The dilemma is big because the Alcatel OT-304 is probably one of the cheapest phones on the planet. Of course, the motto as much money, as much music is completely valid here, although some potential users of this phone could get more out of it. The reason is clear. Not everyone needs Super AMOLED screens and Android OP, but only what characterizes one phone (call and some SMS).

So, the simplest possible phone, but that’s probably why it has some charm. The Alcatel OT-304 measures 107 x 46 x 15.3 mm, has a battery for some seven and a half hours of talk time, a 1.45-inch screen, and a 1.3-megapixel camera capable of taking photos at 640 × 480 resolution. pixels.

Alcatel OT-304 has 2 MB of internal memory, but with the help of a microSD card, it can be up to 2 GB. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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