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In this article, I explain what is recycling and why is it important. Unless you’ve spent the 21st century on another planet, you’ve probably heard of the term recycling. Recycling is the process of decomposing and then reusing materials that would otherwise be just discarded garbage.

Recycling has a handful of benefits, and not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also great for the economy. We have researched, and in the following lines we will present to you which are the items that can be recycled, and then why recycling is important.

Often recycled items

There are many items that are made of materials that can be recycled. If we were to list them all, we would write a book, but here are some of the items that are most often the subject of recycling:

  • Metal objects – aluminum foils, aluminum cans and iron cans, as well as cans;
  • Paper and cardboard – reinforced cardboard, magazine and newspaper, office paper and posters;
  • Glass – flint glass, amber glass and emerald glass.

Turn around and you will see that you are mostly surrounded by objects made of these materials. They can all be recycled!

Even large items, such as a car, can be recycled. Any damaged car that is not in running order, or simply fails to be sold in advertisements, can be an excellent material for buying a car per kilo/pound, ie recycling.

Why is recycling important?

Let’s go back to why recycling is important in general. The benefits of recycling are huge, and everyone benefits when people adopt recycling as part of everyday life. Recycling is a process that consists of collecting, separating, processing and making new products from used things and materials.

Yet recycling isn’t just that. Recycling is also giving old or inappropriate things to someone. Recycling is any avoidance of unnecessary “throwing away” and then using it for new purposes. Here are the benefits of recycling.

Environmental benefits of recycling

Recycling definitely and has proven to have huge environmental benefits. Recycling, above all, prevents millions of wastes from ending up in landfills where waste cannot be reused. Landfills are not only toxic to the environment, but they definitely ruin the beauty of the cities and places where they are located.

Also, the toxins that garbage releases into the air and water can be reduced by increasing the amount of recycling. Recycling also saves the amount of energy that is spent on the production of new materials on a daily basis.

Speaking of energy savings through recycling, did you know that one light bulb can be extended by 4 hours, with energy saved by producing just one recycled glass bottle?

Recycling is also good because it preserves natural materials (wood, raw materials, minerals …) by not using new ones, but by restoring old materials.

Economic benefits of recycling

In addition to the environmental benefits of recycling, it is also good for the economy. Well-run government recycling programs cost the government (taxpayers) less than waste programs.

In addition, according to research conducted in the United States, with the progress of recycling, the state can create about a million jobs. Also, for every job in the waste industry, the recycling industry makes four.

Individuals can directly feel the economic benefits of recycling. The collection of permitted material for recycling, and then their transportation to a nearby place that deals with recycling and collection of waste for recycling, will be paid to the individual.

We have only touched on the benefits of recycling in this text. Scientific papers, books and doctoral dissertations have been written about recycling, and special state policies are being implemented, which relate precisely to recycling.

Close to ecology, recycling has been extremely popular in recent years, characterized as a top and good thing, and this trend will certainly not decline in the coming decades. Preserving the environment, saving energy, as well as money, as well as creating new jobs, is only a part of the advantages that recommend recycling to everyone as a new and optimal way of “throwing garbage”.

With a little research and education, each of us can begin to incorporate positive recycling habits into our lives. Remember that one person can make a big difference, and together we can change the world!

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