Treatments of Spinal Diseases and Their Effectiveness

The spine has a very important role for health because it mainly determines a person’s strength and endurance, but also the health of the whole organism. It forms the basis of the skeleton and gives the body shape and proper position, and it houses the spinal cord from which the nerves that control the work of our body extend. However, more and more people suffer from spinal diseases, in our country as much as 80% of the population, and back pain most often occurs in the period from 20 to 55 years.

Due to its multiple functions, the spine is constantly exposed to different types of loads, so different diseases of the spine often occur, such as spondylosis, kyphosis, shoulder pain, disc herniation, lumbago, and others. These diseases are mainly treated with medication, physical therapy, medical fitness under the control of a coach, and rest. Read on to find out which approaches to treating spinal diseases exist and how effective they are.

How are spinal diseases treated?

Depending on the disease, doctors prescribe different types of therapies to patients, and in order for the rehabilitation to be successful, it is necessary to go to a detailed examination where doctors establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate therapy.

When diseases of the spine are in the initial phase, exercises intended for a certain part of the spine are mostly attributed, and for more serious injuries, therapy is usually needed. The length of recovery is individual and mostly depends on the patient’s persistence and commitment to treatment. Namely, it often happens that patients, when they notice that they are significantly better, stop the therapy, so pain and problems with the spine in such situations usually reappear.

Treatment by professional doctors

When it comes to physical therapy, Belgrade offers a handful of professional institutions that can help treat this disease. In order for the treatment of spinal diseases to give good results, in addition to the patient’s dedication and perseverance, it is also necessary to find a suitable doctor. In our country, there are many top experts who apply various methods during physical therapies, which speed up and facilitate the process of treating patients.

“Rehabilitation can consist of special exercises based on the patient’s individual abilities, manual therapies, electrotherapy, laser therapies, application of agents, as well as other actions that are necessary for the patient to recover in the best and most efficient way,” said Prof. Dr. Radivoj Brdar.

Therefore, if you suffer from back pain, you need to be persistent and dedicated, as well as choose the right doctor, who will give you the appropriate therapy. It is certain that the difficulties will be reduced.

What therapies are there?

At the beginning of the text, certain therapies are mentioned, depending on the diagnosis and the ailment from which the patient suffers. There are several treatment options for each degree of degenerative spinal disease.

People who sit for a long time most often suffer from spinal diseases, and this most often happens to those whose work involves sitting for a long time, but also to students who study for a long time during exam periods. Read below which approaches are most commonly used in the treatment of spinal diseases.


This therapy involves manually correcting the position of the joints and is accompanied by manipulative treatment techniques, which have been known since ancient times. Today, chiropractic is a recognized integrative medical procedure. This therapy has been shown to be very effective in treating disc herniation and the cervical spine.

However, it should be noted that going to a chiropractor is only the first step towards curing this disease, and in addition to this therapy, it is also necessary to go for spinal decompression, physical procedures, as well as an exercise program.

Physical therapy

Physical medicine is one of the disciplines that study the effects of various forms of physical energy on the human body, and physical therapy uses physical agents that act through the skin through energy.

The most popular physical agents are laser and magnet, so lately, laser therapy and magnetotherapy are popular, which are used not only in the treatment of spinal diseases but also in other diseases.

In order for the therapy to work successfully, it is dosed as a medicine, by applying it on a certain surface, a certain strength, and duration. Like the drug, these agents have contraindications that can be general and local for a particular agent. In order for the therapy to be effective, it is necessary to apply the optimal intensity of the acting agent, as well as for its application to last long enough.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy involves the application of ultrasound energy for treatment purposes, so that ultrasound affects changes in blood circulation, increases the pain threshold, changes the speed of nerve conduction, increases tissue metabolism, increases membrane permeability, and selectively heats peripheral nerves.

This therapy is used for contractures of joint capsules, extra-articular rheumatism, neurinoma, and other diseases. However, this therapy should not be used by those who suffer from eye diseases, heart and pacemaker diseases, malignant diseases, osteoporosis. The method of treatment with ultrasound therapy is reliable, painless, and provides excellent therapeutic results to patients suffering from spinal diseases.


This method of treatment consists of the application of different currents for therapeutic purposes. Electrotherapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of paresis and paralysis of peripheral nerves, rheumatic diseases, vascular diseases, and circulatory disorders, as well as post-traumatic edema.

This therapy should not be used for malignancy, acute inflammation, bleeding and bleeding tendency, heart decompensation, pregnancy. Also, electrotherapy has a contraindicated effect in the presence of metals, as well as in skin changes. Physical therapy using electrotherapy quickly and effectively relieves pain, swelling, inflammation, but also other problems in the spine, which the patient may feel.

If you feel back pain or some other problems, you need to go for an examination, so that the condition does not get worse. Many patients today find rehabilitation centers through online advertising, in order to schedule an examination and start rehabilitation.

By treating the spine and its muscles, we actually take care of the health of the entire organism. Schedule your examination, and after the doctors prescribe your therapy, start the treatment, in order to preserve not only the health of your spine but also the whole body.

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