Treatments for Beautiful and Well-Groomed Feet

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Do you often choose closed shoes just because your feet don’t look the way you want them to? Maybe your heels are cracked, your nails aren’t trimmed, and you don’t have enough time or money to visit a pedicure? Besides, somehow your foot care always falls into the background, and you only remember it when it’s too late? Don’t worry, now the process is far easier for you. We have found a new beauty ally that you will love very easily, and that is foot care just a click away from you .

If you work a lot and don’t have time to shop, you can shorten your shopping time by ordering everything you need from cosmetics online . In addition to a wide selection of products that you can buy quickly and easily from your smart device, home delivery is an additional benefit that you get with online shopping. Foot scrubs, foot creams, and other foot care products are available online to achieve the perfect home pedicure.

Foot care at home has never been more accessible and simpler , and we have prepared a few simple tips and products for you, with which you will be able to make the perfect spa treatment yourself.

Ally number one – foot scrub

At the beginning of each treatment, the most important thing is to clean the skin well , which you will achieve with the obligatory complete foot peeling, with the help of which you remove the surface, dead layer and all impurities.

If you do not know which foot scrub to choose, we recommend Velnea products, which are very affordable (each of their foot care products costs less than 200 dinars) and they are also very high quality. Velnea foot peeling cream has been dermatologically tested, and it will make your skin look more beautiful and fresh .

Magic gel for tired feet

Do you spend the whole day at work in a sitting position or do you walk on high heels and feel as if your legs are heavy? Then all you need to do is remove the tension and just squeeze all the pain out of your tired legs.

Foot cream is always a good solution , and you can also try some of the foot and foot gels that can be found on our market. Such gels are easy to apply and finely spread, and with their soothing properties they regenerate and soothe the skin, so they are an indispensable part of your kit when it comes to summer foot care.

Ah those annoying rough heels

No matter how hard you try, heels simply betray you when you wear open shoes. To help you restore their softness , we have found a great product for you, also available online. This is another product that the Velnea brand can boast of, and whose narrower specialty is foot care – a cream against cracked heels .

This cream is rich in ingredients that make the skin more moisturized and hydrating, and thus improves the condition of dry and cracked heels. Once applied, the feet remain hydrated and soft as silk. This foot cream is a bit thicker than usual, so you will wait a while until the skin completely absorbs it.

Foot deodorant

Flight discovery! We know how unpleasant the smell can spoil everyone’s mood, which is why it is important to always have a first aid kit with you. This is where foot deodorant comes into play! It is very practical and easy to apply, and you can carry it everywhere with you .

Simplicity is also reflected in the way it is ordered – with one click, in the same way as all other cosmetics online. Each of these products is available to you at any time, while delivery is made to your home address.

Foot care has never been simpler and more accessible , so nothing can stop you from enjoying beautiful and well- groomed feet all year round. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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