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In order for the human body to function, it needs food that will give it energy. However, many people prefer the food at a much higher level than biological conditions. Real food magicians can create an explosion of taste, which will lead our body and spirit to bliss.

The best restaurants in Belgrade have some of the top chefs, but they still can’t compete with the world’s culinary stars. Here are the most famous chefs in the world.

Today, when we want to treat ourselves to special food, our destination is restaurants, but it has not always been like that. In the old days, food played one of the most important roles, and even that in the division into social classes.

If you ate with your fingers, heavy and greasy food in the circle of a large number of friends, and an atmosphere of loud laughter, then you belonged to the poor class.

If you did not share food with anyone, and you ate little, as well as food that is lean and easily digestible, then you belonged to the class of the rich. It is food that brings people together, that creates a family atmosphere and that brings us life.

Food is the essence of the holiday. The importance of food was also reflected in the old festivals and feasts when it was the center of events, and sacrifices in the form of animals were offered to gods and rulers as an expression of humility. Many in ancient times were not actually religious but adhered to ceremonies and holidays only because of the huge amounts of free food and wine they received.

Food is a feature of today’s holidays, especially the glory, but it is also widely known as the so-called. “New Year’s overeating”, when we eat much more than in the second period of the year because we want to say goodbye to the old year as it should be.

There are those who have subordinated their lives to food, and made of it all possible and impossible variations, which have brought them to world fame. However, it should be borne in mind that in addition to superior skills, the quality of food differs greatly depending on the equipment you have.

For some of the top recipes that we prepare following the example of the world’s top chefs that we mention below, it is necessary to have quality equipment, such as excellent kitchen appliances, espresso pots, or, for example, a slow cooker for light and gradual simmering of food. With all this, the food will surely be delicious as well as the specialties of these chefs from our list!

1 Gordon Ramsey

Definitely, the most popular chef of today is Gordon Ramsey, who is at the top of the list of the top 10 chefs in the world in 2017. Ramsey has become popular through his shows in which he often swears, shouts, and resents the ignorance of other chefs.

Ramsey has zero-tolerance for those who work in the kitchen and are engaged in cooking, and they don’t know how to do that. Yet his popularity is not just TV popularity, but his restaurants make top-notch dishes.

He has all 16 Michelin stars, so you can be sure that the food here is perfect. In addition, he is the richest chef in the world, because he is “heavy” with 60 million dollars.

Many people claim that his arrogance and impudence are reserved only for TV shows, in order for them to be more popular, while in his private life he is very relaxed, sociable, and caring towards his staff. Only the best ingredients are used to prepare meals in this restaurant, preparing desserts cannot pass without the use of Criollo cocoa powder or the finest veal.

2 Jamie Oliver

This world-famous chef is perhaps still the most famous chef in our country, because we fell in love with him when he was at the peak of his popularity, and we have been following his projects ever since. Unlike Ramsey, Jamie Oliver is much more pleasant, and he meets people more.

His shows are not based on drama with other chefs, but on his discovery of different cuisines, and getting to know different cultures.

Oliver, however, cooks in the British style and is one of the few who remained faithful to the national cuisine, although he became world-famous. Many do not like British cuisine and believe that it is necessary to adapt to world cuisine, but Oliver still expanded the range around traditional cuisine.

Regardless, Jamie Oliver knows other cultures and other cuisines, and he rejoices when he tries them, especially when something is delicious, but British cuisine is what he is the best at.

3 Wolfgang Pak

This chef is a true artist of mixing cultures, tastes, nations, in order to get a perfect harmony of tastes, which will stay in your mouth for a long time. Pak moved from Austria to America at the age of 24, where he reached his greatest inspiration.

He is known for combining Italian cuisine with American, with the help of special California spices and additives. When he opened his first restaurant, he received incredible praise.

Cooking today cannot be just cooking beautiful dishes, if you want to be a world-famous chef you have to enter the realm of reality and shows. Pak also participated in many shows with which he gained incredible popularity, so he was included among the 10 best chefs in the world.

In addition to restaurants and reality shows, Pak also has a book, for those who want to learn recipes and the secret ingredients of his dishes.

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