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The first among the best was launched last weekend: the Samsung Galaxy S9. This beauty was presented on February 25, at the famous MWC fair in Barcelona, ​​and we will be able to hold the first devices in our hands on March 16. Let’s find out together what the new Samsung has in store for us.

What does the new Samsung Galaxy S9 look like?

What you will immediately notice is that the new model does not look much different from its predecessor. As with the Samsung Galaxy S8, here you will find dropped edges and a very elegant design. What is new is that the metal body is now completely covered with glass and that it really looks enchanting.

The colors in which the Samsung Galaxy S9 comes to us are also new. Now you can choose between midnight black, lilac purple, coral blue and titanium gray. For us ordinary mortals, these are black, gray, pink and blue, but we are already used to such names that marketing experts and designers of big tech magnates use to impress us.

Another thing that has been significantly improved with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 phone is the display. The latest generation Super AMOLED screen has a resolution of as much as 1440 times 2960 pixels, ie it displays almost 570 pixels per square inch. We’re already used to the display looking flawless when it comes to Samsung, and they’ve really put a lot of effort around this model, so the images it displays are really impressive.

Profi camera for the first time on the phone

So far, we have had the opportunity to see very good cameras and the amazing results they give on different phones, especially on the models that Sony and Apple make.

Now Samsung has gone a step further and made a significant innovation in this field for its Samsung Galaxy S9. The phone itself has a built-in camera that automatically adjusts the aperture to external lighting.

This is the first time that engineers have managed to accommodate such sensitive and advanced technology in such a small space, such as a camera on a smartphone.

Only the camera lens has 12MP, but the ability to adjust the aperture to external conditions raises the camera itself to a whole new level. In addition to the standard set of sensors, there is also the possibility of capturing a super slow motion and anime, personalized animated emoticons that you can create yourself.

What does the hardware specification of the Samsung Galaxy S9 look like?

Since we are talking about a top model and the hardware is in the superlative. The whole machinery under the hood is powered by a very powerful chipset.

For the Chinese and US markets, it is the latest chip from the Snapdragon family, the Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 845, and for the rest of the world it is an equally good Exynos 9810 Octa EMEA (manufactured by Samsung itself).

The only drawback of the whole system is the relatively small RAM value of only 4GB. We expected 6GB of RAM, but the company claims that 4 is enough.

Another thing that could have been a little better is the battery. Although upgraded over the Samsung Galaxy S8, the 3000mAh battery could have been stronger.

However, at the presentation of the device itself, we learned that the operating system used by the Samsung Galaxy S9 and all the optimizations made to make the hardware and software work properly contribute to energy savings, so a larger battery is not necessary.

Also new are the improved speakers that use Dolby’s stereo technology, so the sound quality has been significantly improved. Fans of good sound will be especially happy with this novelty because the quality is more than noticeable.

Samsung Galaxy S9 bears the IP86 designation which means it is water and dust resistant. To be precise, this means that the phone can be at a depth of 1.5 m for up to 30 minutes and will not be damaged. However, we advise you not to immerse your phone in water to check this. This mark means that nothing terrible will happen if your phone falls into water or pasture and if it accidentally gets wet.

Samsung Galaxy S9 phone operating system

The operating system that runs this beauty is Android, the latest version 8.0, popularly called Oreo. We already know that Samsung does not use pure Android, but adds its own interface, so this is no exception.

The Touch Wiz looks very good and complements perfectly with the basic options that Android offers. So you can still use your phone as a desktop computer, play with pictures in different ways and enjoy all the benefits that Android brings.

Of course, there’s the inevitable Bixby which is now even smarter and more interactive. Let’s just mention that the telst translation option works great and that this virtual assistant is now slowly becoming irreplaceable.

Should I buy a new Samsung Galaxy S9?

This question is not easy to answer, so I will try to give you friendly advice:

  • If you use the Samsung Galaxy S8 and you are not someone who is chasing trends, then there is no need to change your phone at this time. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not much different from its predecessor, so we would say that it represents only an incremental improvement rather than a significant step forward.
  • However, if you have an older Samsung Galaxy model (say Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S7) or a weaker Samsung phone this newbie will be a welcome refreshment. Compared to the older generations, it brings a lot of novelties and will represent a significant leap forward for you as a user.

Also, if you like Android phones, keep in mind that Samsung has become very good in its business, so take this brand seriously into consideration when making your next purchase.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one great phone and we can’t wait to see how it will perform in the race for the best phone of 2018. It has given its competitors a very serious homework assignment. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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