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There are many Sony fans in our country and most “swear” by the exceptionality of the Xperia Z model. With all due respect to the said group, the company, and its products, but the same is the case with Samsung. Do we come to the key question: Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z? Not to be biased, we will compare these two models, as well as our previous knowledge about them, and try to create an image that we can place in some frames. So, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z?

Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z Design

When it comes to the look of these two models, the Xperia Z looks more impressive. When you look at this model, you get the impression that it is a serious smartphone device. Its sharp edges, on the other hand, make this model “chubby” and inconvenient to handle. We have to say that the body of the Xperia Z model, which is made of glass material, looks much more convincing than the plastic body of the Galaxy S4 model.

Plastic case or not, the Samsung S4 is a champion among devices of similar dimensions when it comes to “comfort” of use and handling of the phone! Samsung is equipped with a display of approximately the same dimensions as the compared model, but in the hand, it looks smaller and lighter compared to its competitor. Of course, each user should decide according to their taste and for themselves, but we prefer the compact and comfortable design of the Galaxy S4 model, regardless of the plastic case. It wouldn’t be fair to say that the Xperia Z isn’t cool, but it’s not cool enough to compromise on its “chubby” look.

The difference in thickness of these two models. Display

These days, the current world trend (justified or not) is that a smartphone is not a smartphone if it does not have a display of at least 5 inches, with Full HD resolution. And although both compared models fit into these norms of “today”, we prefer the display of the Galaxy S4. In our opinion, the Galaxy S4’s Super AMOLED display is superior thanks to better contrast, more vivid and natural colors, and larger display viewing angles. The display of the Xperia Z is simply not “alive” enough to make us want to look at it for a long time. When we look at the displays of these two models from the aspect of resolution, we have to say that they are both fantastic. With an extremely high pixel density, both models have incredible sharpness and a high wealth of detail!

Interface and functionality

If you have asked yourself the question of Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z, you will surely be interested in the interface of these two models, as a very important detail of every smartphone. Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes factory with Android 4.2.2 software version, it enjoys a slight advantage over the Sony model. It’s not that the Xperia Z won’t get this update, we just don’t know for sure when it will follow. Samsung has done quite a decent job in the past when it comes to releasing fresh versions for their models, so we think that the S4 will also enjoy these benefits of its creator.

The software difference between the two models becomes even more noticeable when looking at user interfaces tailored to their users. Overall both are likable, but if we had to choose one, our decision would fall on Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX because of its speed and plenty of customizable details. Sony’s user interface also boasts some pretty interesting and useful details, but it seems a bit modest compared to Samsung’s UI which is cluttered with numerous features.

Processor and memory

In this category, Samsung enjoys the advantage of being equipped with a newer Snapdragon 600 processor. The Xperia Z is equipped with a very capable Snapdragon S4 Pro, which was the best at the time of the appearance of this model, but that does not mean that it lags behind the compared model when it comes to processor performance. The S4 Pro is an extremely capable chipset that provides fantastic features when it comes to games and other applications. If you notice any lag as you drive through the Xperia Z’s menu, it’s a lack of device optimization, not a hardware weakness.

Both models are “armed to the teeth” with 2GB of RAM, but with internal memory, these two models are completely different stories. You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the factory with 16, 32, and 64GB of internal memory, and the device itself has the option to expand the memory with a Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 64GB. Sony Xperia Z also has the ability to expand the memory with a Micro SD card up to 64GB, but Sony has offered this model to its customers with “only” 16GB of internal memory.

Sony Xperia Z is certified water and dust resistant.

Camera and multimedia

As expected, both models are equipped with pretty good cameras. However, again, the S4 is a winning model thanks to its wide range of camera capabilities, a large number of “shooting modes” and numerous camera options that have yet to be tested. show in practice. In any case, the quality of images and videos made with these devices is more important. When we look at the camera performance of these two devices as a whole, we give a small advantage, what model do you think ???

It’s the Galaxy S4 again with its 13MP camera… The images taken with this model are a bit sharper, while the exposure and color reproduction of both models are the same! When we shoot with these models indoors, Samsung further increases its advantage. His paintings are characterized by more natural colors, and all overall cleaner images than those taken with the Xperia Z’s 13MP camera. The 1080p videos of both models are impressive, but again the S4 enjoys a slight advantage.

The Xperia Z’s videos are a bit “softer” and lack the fine detail seen in the video clips of the compared model. As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, both models have 5-inch displays, but the Super AMOLED display of the S4 model is more convenient for viewing videos thanks to higher contrast, better color saturation, and larger viewing angles.

Have you decided?


There is no doubt that the Sony Xperia Z is an exceptional model with a great look and will perform any task assigned to it. Sony has definitely enriched the high-end mobile phone market with the dignified model with the Xperia Z, but it will have to stumble further if it wants to be competitive for the position of the best smartphone manufacturer on the market. Perhaps the best starting point for this job would be to improve the design for practical reasons and listen to user experiences.

Still, the Samsung Galaxy S4 seems like an increasingly comprehensive device. Its design may not be news for the front page, but it is compact, convenient to hold and use, regardless of the large 5-inch display it has. When it comes to performance, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has once again climbed to the top medal podium. It is simply a “better equipped” device in every segment tested. We’ve done our best to unravel the tangle of Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z dilemmas a bit, and hopefully, we’ve provided a couple of useful pieces of information that can be guidelines for people who are hesitant between these two models. What would be your choice? is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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