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The power and might of marketing campaigns is enormous, and this is confirmed by the fact that we remember and retell many of them long after we first saw them. Creative slogans, campaign messages, visual appearance, we adopt very quickly, which means that it is the marketing campaigns that sell in the best possible way and provoke the desired reaction from the audience.

Originality has always been and always will be on the price, there is no doubt about that. As in the art, so in the advertising industry, if you have an idea, with a little courage, enough capital and well-chosen promotional material, you can place it and make a great result. Below, we have only singled out the three most unusual marketing campaigns that had a great result and that turned everything around in favor of their brands.

The Old Spice campaign – a recognizable voice and character

The Old Spice campaign with a half-naked actor, recognized by everyone, proved to be one of the most impressive creative marketing and advertising concepts ever performed.

The campaign achieved its longevity and endurance on the scene by combining the use of online and offline marketing, social networks and PR, and using effective ways to advertise its business on the Internet, it succeeded.

At the end of the day, if you don’t increase sales, your campaign has failed. Which was definitely not the case with The Old Spice campaign, which increased sales by an incredible 107 percent.

On top of all that, this unusual campaign, which puzzles some and annoys others, has caused a lot of noise and viral success that cannot be attributed to many marketing campaigns that had the same goal.

What sets the Old Spice campaign apart is the fact that the videos are shorter than two minutes, which gives it dynamism, making it easier to remember.

Also, the promotion on many social channels and networks contributed to the campaign being more visible and reaching viewers, potential consumers easier and faster, which was achieved, so it is not surprising that this is one of the marketing campaigns that everyone recognizes.

Coca Cola – “Share the joy” campaign

Many superlatives are associated with a brand such as Coca Cola. In addition to being one of the most valuable brands in the world, Coca Cola is also the best-selling non-alcoholic beverage in history.

All over the world, the colors and logo of Coca Cola are recognizable, and the advertising campaigns of this most popular soft drink have made every gathering impossible without it.

The campaign bearing the slogan “Share the joy” is characterized by the fact that the company started producing personalized bottles and cans of this drink in early 2011.

The goal of this campaign was to get customers to find their name on the bottle or share it with a loved one, whose name or nickname is highlighted on the product.

Coca Cola went a step further with personalized jingles. After the well-received “Share the Joy” campaign, this brand introduced several more novelties, so customers could find verses of famous songs on bottles of drinks, while they could also listen to a short jingle with their name on the official website.

What contributed to the success of the campaign and the increase in sales was that the company introduced the possibility of finding a nickname, such as “sister”, “brother”, “friend” on cans and bottles next to their own names. “Share the Joy” is without a doubt the largest global campaign of personalized products ever.

Colgate – a toothbrush instead of an ice cream stick

Colgate is the umbrella brand of oral hygiene products, such as toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and dental floss. This brand is the only one in the world that was bought by more than half of all households, and all that with not only quality products, but also excellent marketing campaigns.

One of the world’s most popular campaigns designed to raise awareness of the importance of dental hygiene was done by Colgate.

The Thai branch of the Young and Rubicam agency made an agreement with a local ice cream manufacturer and thus increased the percentage of sales of Colgate products worldwide.

They agreed to replace the ice cream sticks with stylized brushes with the message “Don’t forget”, as a reminder to the youngest ones that they should brush their teeth regularly after sweets. The campaign itself brought Colgate huge publicity and much higher sales.

Since the first commercial ever aired on TV, much progress has been made in the advertising industry.

Although these campaigns require a lot of investment and seem too expensive, what is important to them is the original idea.

With their unusualness, they have reached fame and recognition, which is undoubtedly accompanied by success, if it is communicated with consumers in the right and impressive way. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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