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In this article, I give you my iPhone 5S review with specs included. As expected, the event organized by Apple last night brought us two new devices. There was no excessive spectacle in the whole story, but it was simply two new models iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

And while the first is expected to replace the existing iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C opens a new chapter because it represents the first budget iPhone, whose price with a contract in the USA will range from $ 99. On the other side is the iPhone 5S, a phone of the highest category that comes with a 64-bit A7 processor, an upgraded camera, the often mentioned fingerprint sensor, and the like. The device was given the extension “S” according to the already traditional scheme.

iPhone 5S design

iPhone 5S 4What could be seen as unofficial until now has now become official. The iPhone 5S really comes, among other combinations, in gold. In addition, the new iPhone is available in black and dark gray. As for the looks, the expected iPhone 5S brings nothing special. So, the phone is simply based on the previous generation and that is something we are used to seeing from Apple.

The new iPhone 5S has a 7.9mm waist and a 4-inch screen, despite the announcement that the diagonal will increase. The screen emits a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels, with a density of 326 pixels per inch. When we see these numbers, it is clear to us that almost nothing has changed in terms of the screen.

iPhone 5S camera

iPhone 5S 7As the iPhone has had one of the best cameras so far, so it has this time. The iPhone 5S doesn’t bring any more pixels, so the camera stays with 8MP, but there’s Apple’s new f / 2.2 sensor, which is 15% larger than the previous one, as well as a redesigned flash with two large LED lights.

Such a camera should provide more natural colors and their balance. The camera will also be able to take a 28MP panoramic shot, and there is also a “burst” mode that captures a series of photos and automatically selects the best one. There is a 1.2MP auxiliary camera on the front of the phone.

The camera reacts very quickly, so it is activated at high speed after pressing the camera icon. There are many options, as well as automatic stabilization. The option of slow-motion video recording is also interesting. After recording the video, you can easily choose which parts of the recording will go to normal, and which at a lower speed, and in that way, you can easily deal with some kind of video editing.

iPhone 5S specification

A new star comes with a star in it. It is a new A7 processor, which Tim Cook and Apple claim are twice as fast as the processor from the iPhone 5. The story is similar to the graphics, which are said to be twice as good as the previous one.

As for the battery, it has also improved. It now offers an additional 25 hours of operation compared to that of the iPhone 5. However, when standby mode, audio and video playback, 3G surfing, the battery can last 40, then 10, and finally 8 hours.

When it comes to connections, the iPhone 5S seems to be taking over the list from its predecessor, so there’s LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

In terms of gigabytes, the iPhone 5S does not allow the option of expanding the memory with the help of a microSD card, so the choice between 16, 32, or 64GB will be of great importance for every customer.

iPhone 5S and iOS 7

It’s no surprise that the iPhone 5S comes with new software. The new version of Apple’s system was introduced back in June, and it got its first job on the new iPhone. iOS 7 brings visually enhanced application icons and is considered to be the simplest version of this operating system ever.

iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor

iPhone 5S 15This option has been talked about the most. The fingerprint sensor is built into the home button, which this time got a round shape, and the whole option is called the Touch ID. The reason for that is probably clear to everyone.

Touch ID changes the traditional system of PIN codes and passwords. Its main purpose is to unlock the phone, and the system can be used when shopping and is able to register the fingerprints of multiple users.

The first information indicates that the sensor works very quickly and everything runs smoothly, which is especially important because in this way the phone is unlocked, so any possible hiccups of the system would be catastrophic.

The entire fingerprint scan takes less than one second. If you’re worried that this could compromise your privacy, Apple has promised to keep the prints in a “local” way. that is, that they will never appear on any Apple server. So you can take their word for it, but of course, you don’t have to.

iPhone 5S conclusion

The iPhone 5S is a device quite similar to its predecessor. We could even say that this device is well known to us because it has the same weight and dimensions as its predecessor. Even all the keys, except the initial one, remained the same.

The new generation of this popular smartphone brings certain improvements, higher speeds, and a fingerprint scanner. Officially, the iPhone 5S is 56% faster than its father, has a new operating system (which perhaps makes the biggest difference), and allows users to ultra-fast surf just over a 4G connection.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5S brings a little disappointment in the form of screens of the same dimensions and quality. At the same time, the issue of memory is not solved by leaving a microSD slot, so depending on the depth of the pocket and the needs, users will opt for versions with different internal memory.

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