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Last week we had the opportunity to meet another top model of smartphones and a new member of the elite in this world. This time, HTC presented its trump card for 2017, the HTC U11 model.

Although HTC launched the HTC U Ultra at the beginning of the year, only now do we have the opportunity to meet the top model that will stand side by side with already launched favorites such as Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium and will wait for some new ones. new iPhone. Let’s see what HTC has prepared for us and whether HTC U11 can compete on an equal footing with its competitors.

And when you squeeze your phone a real miracle will happen!
The biggest novelty that HTC has brought us is a new gesture that you can use to control your phone – squeezing the phone frame. All you have to do is squeeze your phone and a miracle will happen

One of the options is to turn on the camera with a slight squeeze, a slightly stronger and longer camera will shoot and take a new photo, and with the longest squeeze, you can activate a flashlight or activate the Google Maps application.

Basically, it is up to you to choose what exactly you want to happen after squeezing the phone frame. HTC U11 will allow you to configure all the details that this option offers, so you can easily configure the phone and edit it exactly as you want.

The new and improved Edge Sense, a user interface that HTC has been developing for years, is responsible for this innovative option. Thanks to the latest version of Edge Sense, you can squeeze your phone, as well as enjoy a very nice and advanced interface.

What does the HTC U11 look like?

HTC continues to adhere to the style presented with the HTC U Play and HTC U Ultra models. It is a Liquid Surface design. What makes this style recognizable are the transitions that make the colors on the surface of the phone overflow. Also, the devices themselves are not completely flat but have a slightly curved back towards the sides.

HTC U11 comes in 5 colors: red, silver, blue, black, and white. And each of the colors has its own enchanting topping. The very surface of the phone is covered with Gorilla Glass 5, so your pet will be practically unbreakable. The downside of this design (which really looks very nice) is that the phone will instantly be full of fingerprints which are even more noticeable on the shiny glass.

HTC U11 comes with “the best camera on a mobile device”.
According to the famous DxOMark score that the camera of the HTC U11 phone won in the tests they perform is 90 and that is the most that one mobile device has ever received.

According to this site, the HTC U11 deserved the first place mostly thanks to its very fast autofocus and low level of “noise” that appears in the photos. In addition, he achieved very good results in various shooting conditions (semi-darkness, in the shade, in natural light, etc.), so due to his consistently good performance, he became the new champion, taking first place in the Google Pixel phone.

In essence, the core of the camera of the HTC U11 phone has not changed significantly compared to the HTC 10 model, but the way the image is processed has been improved and there are great results.

The camera itself has a 12MP lens that supports the RAW image format. In addition, there is support for HDR images and recordings, dual-LED flash, and many other benefits that will make your photos exceptional. In case you are a little more serious about photography, HTC U11 will be a real treat for you.

The front camera also brings its surprises, so there is a wide-angle lens of as much as 16MP. What can be especially interesting for you is the panorama mode that the front camera supports, with the help of which you can take some very interesting selfies.

What drives the HTC U11?

And the machinery under the beautiful and shiny case leaves you breathless. Finally, we have a chance to see the phone running the famous and long-awaited Snapdragon 835 processor. It is a processor with eight cores ((4 × 2:45 GHz Kryo & 4 x 1.9 GHz Kryo) which is supported by 4GB of RAM.

This powerful processor is able to successfully respond to the challenges that before it put a challenging camera and hence options that this the phone offers.

The display that the HTC U11 has is made in LCD5 technology, has 5.5 inches, and supports QHD resolution. It has standard dimensions and did not accept the new trend launched by the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 with 18: 9 screens.

Although the display itself is very sharp and displays authentic colors, it still cannot be measured with the sharpness and ambiance that Samsung’s Super AMOLED brings.

The 3000mAh battery could be a little stronger, but as you know so far, none of the leading brands has stood out with a battery that would meet all our requirements. This way we will have to settle for this which should last us long enough to get through the day.

For comfort, this battery supports a quick charge option, and there are two modes to help you save energy and get the most out of your phone.

Is there anything else you need to know about the HTC U11?

In addition to all these impressive and interesting details that we have mentioned, we should point out another trump card that the HTC U11 has – it is the superior sound it brings thanks to its legendary Boomsound technology. The whole phone is turned into a resonant box, so the sound (especially when you put the device on a solid surface) is great.

The sound quality from the headphones does not lag behind either. The only drawback that audiophiles mention is the lack of a classic headphone jack, so now you can use a mini USB port or wireless headphones instead of a small cylindrical plug.

Can the HTC U11 compete with the competition?

Of course, the HTC U11 can compete with its competitors. This is an unusual and beautiful phone with great performance, which brings a very powerful camera and superior sound. So, if you love unusual phones and you care what sound quality comes from your mobile phone the HTC U11 is definitely the right choice for you. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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