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At two simultaneous presentations, HTC presented its new smartphone to the world. It is a powerful HTC One model, which in the future will lead an army of great smartphones with the company logo from Taiwan. The new HTC One is a phone made to handle the biggest, with models like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. The device, which runs on the 4.2 Android Jelly Bean operating system, boasts a large full HD screen with a spacious 4.7-inch diagonal protected by Gorilla Glass technology.

New HTC One design

The designers of HTC certainly adhered to the motto “total metal” when designing this smartphone, that is, everything is in good metal. In this case, it is aluminum, which gave an incredible look to this smartphone, which simply captivates with its appearance. The phone looks modern and compact, giving a sure sign that HTC is making progress in terms of design.

Since the body of the device is metal, it was logical for the new HTC One to “throw” a few grams more, so its weight is 143 grams, which is 13 grams more than its predecessor – the well-known model HTC One X. However, it seems that did not bother HTC One because based on the available photos it gives the impression of a premium phone that we will soon all want to hold in our hand.

New HTC One screen

HTC One has a full HD Super LCD 3 screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches
HTC has decided to cover the entire front of the phone with a large diagonal. The Super LCD 3 screen offers a very sharp image, offering an outstanding ratio of black and white, but according to the first information it does not offer the color depth that the Super AMOLED screen from Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has. Still, at first glance, the new HTC One seems to have a better screen than Sony’s new Xperia Z hope, whose screen occasionally shows the effects of color flushing.

New HTC One performance

When the phone has a screen like this, it is clear that the beast must squat under it. And that’s right, because beneath the shiny surface lies the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 – a quad-core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. In addition to work, a lot of “storage capacity” is needed for data, which this phone has in abundance, ie 32 and 64 GB with microSD support. From the connections, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, HDMI are available. A lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2,300 mAh will take care of enough time for work.

New HTC One – Sense 5.0 user interface

HTC has made an effort to refresh its well-known Sense, and the HTC One has for the first time implemented an unofficially called HTC Sense 5.0 user interface, which now seems much clearer and clearer. How much HTC has changed its interface is best seen by the fact that the famous widget in the form of a digital clock with a part dedicated to weather data is missing.

However, only when you take a closer look at the home screen of the HTC One smartphone will it become clear to you why the changes were made. Clearly, HTC has modeled itself on Windows Mobile’s fields in creating a new image of its Sense. And like this at first glance, it seems really correct. In addition, the user will receive all the necessary information more regularly, so that his practical side is also satisfied.

New HTC One camera

Interestingly, the HTC One camera has a sensor of only 4 MP, but also much larger pixels (the size of one is 2.0 (m) to allow better light absorption. The first information says that this camera is able to receive three times more light than a standard 8 MP one. This technology, which HTC calls Ultrapixel, deserves every praise. However, the real proof of this theory is yet to come compared to the top 5 smartphone cameras. Add to that the fact that this camera “captures” the photo 0.6 seconds before the capture key is pressed, while after that only some more information is added to the photo.

New HTC One audio experience

Another novelty adorns the new HTC One. It is an enhanced music experience through the music player that now comes with lyrics and two front speakers, which brings superior sound quality, whether the music is listened to through them or headphones. In its efforts for the best possible audio experience, HTC has built an amplifier and the inevitable Beats Audio quality improvement into this smartphone. As it is the first case in the world, HTC named this technology HTC BoomSound.

New HTC One rating

There is no doubt that the new HTC One is a big step forward when it comes to HTC. HTC One brings a new design style to the world of smartphones and a host of advanced things. With this phone, HTC is dangerously claiming place no. 1 and it will be very interesting to see the answers of competing manufacturers.

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