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HTC has promised not to make cheap smartphones anymore, but it seems to be hard to resist the fast-growing mobile phone segment, thus bringing in big bucks. The Taiwanese manufacturer has announced in recent days that it could soon launch a new mid-range phone under the working name HTC Desire Proto, which would visually resemble the well-known HTC Desire C model, and which would be almost as good as the HTC One V in terms of its characteristics.

HTC Desire Proto – a mix of HTC Desire C and HTC One V

The HTC Desire Proto will be a small but well-fitted device, which, like the aforementioned HTC One V, would give a respectable specification without having to take credit to buy a mobile. The HTC Desire Proto will most likely run on a 1GHz dual-core processor, and will also have 768MB of RAM.

HTC Desire Proto will also have 4GB of internal storage, and according to some unconfirmed information, it will also have a 4-inch LCD screen, which should be better than the 3.5-inch one on the HTC Desire C model, while the resolution could go up to 400 × 800 pixels.

HTC Desire Proto runs on ICS Android

HTC Desire Proto runs on Ice Cream Sandwich Android and will be “decorated” with the Sense 4.0 interface. HTC Desire Proto weighs 114 grams, which is quite acceptable, while the thickness of 9.3 mm is something that may bother someone, but sometimes it’s not the best thing for your phone to be “bony”, right? Unfortunately, the HTC Desire Proto will not have a front camera, and it will also lack good video.

Of the other things related to the HTC Desire Proto, one should single out the solid 1,650 mAh battery, a place to insert a microSD card. There are already mandatory Beats Audio headphones, but also a regular 5 MP camera with LED flash. What HTC failed to do on this phone is certainly the front camera, for which there seems to be no room, as well as the slightly poorer quality of the recorded video material, which will most likely be below 720p quality. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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