How to Regenerate Facial Skin in a Natural Way

How to Regenerate Facial Skin in a Natural Way

Everyone, at least from time to time, needs a thorough skin treatment, which will regenerate it and restore its missing glow. Our largest organ and shield of the organism from external factors, suffers a lot, so it is completely logical why it sometimes needs additional care.

Beauticians and dermatologists are increasingly recommending turning to natural cosmetic rituals and cosmetics for the purpose of care, and thus the regeneration of the skin itself. Even our grandmothers advised us to take care of nature, and it seems that now, after many researches on the effect of chemical cosmetics on the skin, it is time to listen to them.

Well, let’s get to the point. We have researched for you, and in the following paragraphs we offer you tips with which you will wonderfully recover and regenerate your facial skin in a natural way.

Natural cosmetics to a radiant complexion

The use of cosmetics is definitely one of the important factors when it comes to well-groomed and regenerated facial skin. While chemicals based on chemical ingredients can certainly be effective and provide the desired effects, the ingredients found in most of these cosmetic products (silicone, paraben, artificial colors and fragrances) can be harmful to the skin and health.

On the other hand, natural cosmetics have a lot of nutrients and there are more and more people who opt exclusively for it. However, it is not enough to use natural cosmetics to have regenerated and nurtured facial skin. You have to do it the right way.

Every cosmetic product has a recommended way to use it. Besides, for the best effects, you need more products, not just one. That is why we always recommend smart cosmetics. Cosmetic gift sets for women without harmful chemical ingredients contain everything you need, so they are a great way to provide everything you need for regenerated and beautiful facial skin.

Regeneration begins from within

You probably know that the condition of the body inside is most responsible for the appearance and condition of the skin. Cosmetics can help, soften and have a great effect on the skin, but the best long-term effects on the skin will have proper nutrition and health, what comes from within.

Enough hydration is the first thing we emphasize as a very important, internal factor for skin regeneration. Intake of at least 2l of water a day will make a big and shiny change on your skin. Also, foods such as red, black and golden poppy seeds, cinnamon, green teas and lemon, have a great effect on the skin and support its regeneration.

Avoid foods rich in sugars, carbohydrates and fats. Sweets, fats and foods full of carbohydrates have a bad effect on the quality of the skin, and can also cause skin problems, and provoke the appearance of blackheads, acne and other inflammations that you certainly do not want to appear on your face.

Cosmetic products from the kitchen

Apart from taking care of your diet and health, as well as using cosmetics free of harmful ingredients, you can work with cosmetic rituals that will have a great effect on skin regeneration with ingredients from the kitchen, completely natural and effective.

Face masks, as well as face peels, you can make yourself from foods that you probably already have on the kitchen shelves. For example, you can make an excellent peeling with sugar, honey and lemon juice to get rid of the layer of dead cells from the skin of the face. All you need to do is mix these ingredients and you will be very satisfied with the results!

For masks “from the kitchen” you can use a variety of ingredients: olive and coconut organic oil, eggs, honey, avocado, activated carbon, aloe vera gel, lemon, cucumber… List of foods that you can combine and with which the natural regeneration of the skin will be at an enviable level it is practically limitless.

Facial massage – the secret of radiant skin

Facial massage stimulates circulation, has great regenerative and anti-aging effects, and best of all, you can do it yourself and get great results! Every day before going to bed, it is enough to take a little organic oil on your fingers, and then rub it in a circular motion from the nose up, from the chin to the ears.

This will have great effects on the skin of the face and you should definitely include a facial massage in your daily beauty rituals. Jade facial massager has recently become a very popular cosmetic accessory, so you can also use it for facial massage.

Don’t skip night care

Night face care is equally, if not more important than day care. Namely, while we sleep, the cells regenerate the most, and the skin absorbs much more than during the day. In addition, greasy, rich face creams are not pleasant to wear during the day and perform daily activities, but it is perfectly fine to apply them before bed.

Many ladies also have a complete bedtime routine, which includes cleansing the face, using toner, and then serums or night face creams. There is no doubt that with such thorough and good care, the skin is fantastically nurtured and regenerated.

So to summarize: natural cosmetics, with rich night care, regular facial massages and products that have a wonderful effect on the skin, and can be made with food from the kitchen, are best for skin regeneration.

It should be added that it is a good dream, as well as spending time in the fresh air, great for the regeneration of the whole body, even its largest organ. Treat your skin with proper care, which it especially needs after the summer.

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