How To Choose Glasses [4-Step Guide]

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Choosing the right frame is not just about comfort and usability – it is also important that your glasses fit well. Your glasses reflect your personality. Take a few minutes to find out what works for you and make sure your glasses look great.

Everyone has a different face. The shape of your face will determine the style that suits you and which does not. Considering your face shape, you can choose the styles of glasses that will make you look better.
The following tips will help you determine your face shape and which glasses will complement the look of your face:

  1. Look in the mirror to determine the shape of your face. The most common face shapes are round, heart-shaped, inverted triangle, square, rectangular, oblong, and oval.
  2. Choose glasses that are the opposite of the shape of your face. Full, soft facial features look better with glasses with sharper edges, and glasses with a round frame look better on people with sharper facial features.
    People who have a round face look better with angular or square frames, which make them look longer and slimmer. Rectangular shape and a more obvious bridge will make your eyes look wider.
    People with a heart-shaped face look better with frames that are wider at the bottom and can add width to the lower part of the face. Bright colors or frames without frames can also achieve the desired impression.
    People with a triangular face should choose colored frames on the upper half.
    People with a square face look better with oval or round frames because they give balance to facial features. If your jaw is larger, try a style that emphasizes the top line of the frame. Narrow frames that are wider will make your face look longer.
    For those who have rectangular faces, round frames look best because they make the face look wider.
    Oblong faces look better with rounded frames because they subtract the length of the face and emphasize the width. Choose frames whose upper and lower edges are the same shape because they make the face look shorter. Also, choose frames that have a low bridge because it “shortens” the nose.
    People with an oval face shape can choose any type of frame.
  3. Choose the right frame size for your face.
    Beautify your face by choosing a frame that is neither too small nor too big, to be in proportion to the size of your face.
    The top line of the frame should follow the shape of the eyebrows. The frame should be comfortable to wear. Don’t fall off your nose or move while laughing.
  4. Choose a frame color that complements your face.
    If you have a paler complexion, choose cooler colors for the frame. Warmer colors look better on people with a darker complexion.
    If your eyes are set closer, choose a frame in two colors with a color that is lighter on the bridge because it gives the appearance of width. Also, choose a frame that is narrower on the nose so that you do not mind when reading. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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