How to Choose a Best Man for a Wedding

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In this article, I give you a few tips on how to choose a best man for a wedding. From the moment your proposal happens to the moment you say the fateful “Yes!”, the whole process of organizing one of the most beautiful days of your life is happening. Although it may seem like a simple procedure at first glance, it can be very difficult.

One of the first questions that every future bride asks herself is how and when to choose as a witness, ie godmother at the wedding. Usually, this question is asked immediately after choosing a space for weddings. If you are in this situation, we give you some practical tips that will surely make no mistake.

1 Decide what exactly you expect from your godfather

As a future bride, you have probably already figured out what you want your wedding to look like, or at least most of it. This means that you need to know what you expect from your close people, that is, what kind of person you want next to you as support all the time.

This means that you should first consider whether you prefer to choose a godmother who is your longtime friend, one who is a real party maniac and who will raise the atmosphere, or still strive for your godmother to be your favorite colleague from college or from a job she recently married and owns. all information about the organization and locations for your wedding.

The godmother will surely be the ideal person for you to go in search of your perfect wedding dress.

You may also think of the person who is the most reliable and to whom you can leave most of the work of organizing the wedding. So, let the first step be to decide who it could be. If necessary, even make a list of girls who are in circulation.

This idea may sound dry and too formal, but when you are dealing with such a large organization as a wedding, the best way is to write everything down.

2 What if the idea of ​​a godmother has already been imposed on you by family tradition?

It is not unusual that godparents are already agreed in some way. This is a custom that is believed to date from the middle ages and is less and less applied today.

This practically means that your parents or even their parents have chosen a person who is supposed to be a witness at your wedding, even though you may not be close to them.

If by any chance you come into this situation, it would be best to state for yourself what you think about this topic. That is, to politely reject the idea of ​​a stranger being so close to you at the most exciting moment of your life so far.

We know that this may surprise your loved ones, but even if there is a family disagreement with this idea, we believe that your loved ones will understand you, especially if they realize how important it is to you.

In the rest of Europe, but also in the rest of the world, there are no rules about old and family godparents, but only the best friends are chosen.

3 What if a friend expects you to be your godmother, and you don’t really want to

Organizing a wedding can be quite stressful, especially if you have this situation when you have to somehow reject someone who thinks it is very important to you.

There are usually some friends who think it means that they will be your godparents. If you have someone who expects this from you against your will, it would be good to talk to that person, or to explain to them that you have other alternatives and friends who are closer to you on this issue.

While it can certainly happen that your friend gets angry, if she loves you, it will pass her by quickly. It is a much better option for her to be angry, than to have a godmother you didn’t want all your life.

4 What if you have several friends who are equally close to you

In this case, you are really lucky! If you find yourself in this situation, agree with a group of friends that the godparents will be mutual, so that each of you will be a godmother.

This can be a very interesting tradition, and at the same time it can strengthen your friendship.

Let it be a friend to help you shine on your big day.

5 What if you think your godmother can’t afford it

Godfathering can indeed be a very big expense, and it is also believed that godfatherhood is not rejected, which can be an even bigger challenge. If you have already chosen a godmother, you are probably wondering if she can afford it.

Sometimes it happens that a friend, no matter how close, is restrained when it comes to her finances, which means that you will have to have a very unpleasant conversation and start the topic of money.

If you’re close enough, this doesn’t have to be a bad experience, especially if you openly tell a friend that her presence means a lot more to you than her financial participation.

It is very important how you will talk to her, it would not be nice to hurt or humiliate her, be honest and open, she will surely recognize your good intentions.

It often happens that the future godmother wants to be a part of your wedding at any cost, so she finds a way to provide finances.

We know that a wedding is a day that every girl has been waiting for all her life and wants her wedding to be the wedding of the century. So we hope we helped you choose a godmother. Be aware that the godmother will not only be a witness at your wedding but should be a part of your life forever. Young people often forget that, so godparents in modern times do not mean what they once meant. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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